a day out at the sea side


1. a day out at the sea side

 one day i asked my parents if we could go to the sea side

they said yes but we will have to go after lunch

after lunch we got in the car and went to the sea side when we got there dad had to find a parking space so he dropped me, my sister, 2 brothers and mum and went to find a parking space.

he found one

we were on the sand and we started to make bit holes and cover each other in sand  and sand castles.

mum goes try make a big sand castle all together, bad idea of mum because we all could never work together but it went OK.  we then sat down to eat a ice cream, after we wanted a water fight on one team was me, mum and sister and on the other us both brothers and dad. after that Jamie got hurt so he had to stay with mum while the rest of us had fun with dad, we stared to sink in the sand......




to be continued

Jamie 4 years old, Isabel 6 years old, me 8 years old and Daniel 10 years old

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