Life Without You.

This is diary which is wrote by a girl, who has lost her boyfriend (the love her life).


1. When you left.

When he left me, my heart broke, and it still hasnt been mended. I thought he would come back, but he hasnt, and it has been 1 year since his death. I still havent got over it, as it seems unreal. But it is real, a fact, and that my fault.

I have dreams about him, where he is still alive..and we are both happy. But then it turns into a nightmare, because I wake up and face reality. I have stopped isnt because I want to be thin, it is just because I dont see any point in living without him. He was my true love, 'was'. I hate that word.

I cant tell anyone this. They will think I am a freak. I mean, all my family and friends know I am a freak, but I dont want them to think I am a even bigger freak. At school, my grades are dropping. What is the point of  education when your life isnt worth living anymore.


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