Life Without You.

This is diary which is wrote by a girl, who has lost her boyfriend (the love her life).


2. Days With Him.

Before he died, we used to have so much fun together, even at school! He used to walk me to class, and meet me at the lunch hall, and buy me lunch. He was a real gentlemen. He opened doors to me, and always texted me cute messages. He left me voicemails, telling me how much he loved me...Such a long list of things I took for granted, but now, I wish i was more thankful.

Whenever I'm at home, I stay in my room, and my parents bring food up to me. They sometimes tell me that they feel as if they have lost a child, as I'm never there anymore. They are acting like I should be doing things as normal, but how can I? The best person in my life has died? And its my fault. Next time I write, you will hear the full story of how I lost the lvoe of my life.


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