It's A Thin Line

A tragic love story, David and Lisa are meant to be, or are they?


1. The start



I hunched over, my head in my hands. Tears streamed down my face, as I felt the massive hole in my chest being bashed by a thousand fists.  I refused to believe it. I wouldn’t believe it. The one that I loved, the one I was meant to spend the rest of my life with, was lying there on the hospital bed with a blood covered wound in her side. And I was helpless. Watching. Waiting.


The Start


I brushed my face with the water, and gazed at the tired reflection in the mirror. Bags were hanging low beneath my eyes, and my lips were dry and chapped.  Jeez, I needed to get a proper night’s sleep! I scooped my long layered brunette hair into a messy ponytail and began putting on my makeup.  At least I would look half decent for the day ahead. I then began doing my hair- straightening and tying it back into a high ponytail. I officially hated mornings.

I rushed through my usual busy morning, my current ratty morning mood gradually slipping away as I began to feel a tiny bit energised for the boring office day ahead. After I hurredly cracked open my tub of fish food and dropped in a few flakes for them, I had grabbed my keys and was out the door.



"Look Martin, I'm not gonna be able to make it for 10, ok?"

"Yeah well neither are you Martin!"

"Look, my alarm didn't go off so I'm running a tad late so you can expect me at the meeting at 10:15. Ok?"

"Every second I spend wasting my time talking to you I could be getting ready. Ok?" "Ok bye."

I chucked my blackberry on my bed and crashed down onto its soft warmth. Jeez Martin is a tough boss! I quickly jumped in the shower and chucked on my clothes, packing my bag at the same time. I faffed around with my notes for a bit and eventually stuffed them into my bag. I could carry on faffing with them in the taxi.

Finally I grabbed my coat and jumped out the door.

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