It's A Thin Line

A tragic love story, David and Lisa are meant to be, or are they?


7. The Meal

Lisa ---

I gently pushed the door to the restaurant, and the bustling swarm of noise filled my ears. David gestured to a table that we would be sitting at, and I slid into the red velvet seat. He smiled and slipped into his seat too. I looked casually around the room- taking in my surroundings.

Couples crowded the bar- ordering drinks and laughing. A few children were seated around one brightly coloured seat in the corner, looking tired. My eyes eventually landed back to our table- where I found david deeply reading the menu. I joined him, and scanned down the list of swirly letters, trying to make out what they said.

A smart looking waiter appeared at the table, his dark hair combed back against his head, and a neat black tie lacing his carefully ironed shirt. "Good evening sir and madame. What drinks can I get you?" He asked politey, turning his gaze on me.

"Umm... I'll have a glass of white wine please." I said, giving him a quick smile. David ordered his drink, and the waiter was soon gone.

David and I chatted about many things, generally his job, his home and anything that popped up in our conversation. It was one of the most fun nights of my life.

After we had finished dinner, he insisted on paying and we left the restaurant. It was silent out on the dark street, and I glanced at my watch. Really! Was it really 9:30!?

I smiled at him and said "Well this was great fun, thank you so much!" He smiled, and replied " Yes it was, wasn't it! I hope we could meet up again some time...?" He casually asked, smiling hopefully. "Of course!" I blurted, and fished a pen out of my bag. I wrote my number on his hand, and smiled warmly as I replaced the pen in my bag.

"So I  better go then.." I said, pointing to the road that I lived on. "Yeah, me too." He replied. He hugged me quickly, and I felt butterflies do acrobatic flips in my stomach. I smiled, and began walking home. I turned and waved, and he did the same. I sighed, as I felt  this was something that would last.

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