It's A Thin Line

A tragic love story, David and Lisa are meant to be, or are they?


5. Do I look the part?


I found myself swinging my suitcase back and forth as I took an exit from the cafe, and returned to the warm street. My thoughts drifted continuously back to Lisa... that warm smile, her radiant brunette hair, and her soft personality. Every moment with her felt special, the best any moment had felt in a long time.

Soon I made my way home, the drive home in the taxi a calm one- in great contrast with the last taxi ride I had taken. When I made it home, I relaxed for the rest of the afternoon, and thought about what I would say to Lisa tonight. I picked out a casual outfit that I hoped she would like- and waited.



I quickly packed my stuff away, gave a quick hug to Sofia and dashed home. I was very excited about my date tonight! After the VERY long discussion with Sofia over lunch, she reassured me that it definately was a date. It was partially due to Sofia's help that I am so confident about this- she gave me about a million tips, including what colours "suit my compexion". So as soon as I got home, I frantically ripped through my wardrobe- searching for a " dark crimson". Thankfully, I came across a crimson top that I chucked together with some skinny jeans. Sofia assured me that casual was the best way to go.

So as soon as I had fixed my hair and done my makeup, I was ready. I decided to bring a black clutch bag, as it suited everything and was the only thing I could find that was big enough to carry my purse. As you have probably guessed, I haven't been out on a "dinner date" for quite a long time.

I grabbed all my stuff, threw a quick glance in the mirror and dashed out the door. I realised that with all the faffing I had done at home, I had less than 5 minutes to get there! I decided on a slow jog to get me the best part there, and got my breath back just in time. I turned the corner to my building, and there he was.

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