It's A Thin Line

A tragic love story, David and Lisa are meant to be, or are they?


6. Dinner


I shoved my hands deeper into my pockets. It was pretty chilly, and I was just wearing a light t-shirt and jeans. I was constantly checking for Lisa, looking "casually" behind me every few minutes to check whether she was there yet. Finally I heard gentle footsteps behind me, and I turned around.

She was wearing a crimson top that matched her lips, skinny jeans and dolly shoes, clutching a small black bag. She looked amazing.

Lisa ---

He was wearing a brown t-shirt and jeans, with brown shoes. He was staring at me... was that a good thing..? I felt butterflies doing chaotic somersaults in my stomach, and I could feel my face slipping into that stupid grin that had persisted through lunch.

"Hey." I said, as I stopped infront him.

"Wow," was all he said. I laughed a little, and spun around- showcasing my efforts. He laughed, and added "you look great!"

I smiled, and thanked him. " You look great too!" I said. He thanked me and did a twirl. I laughed again, it was so easy with him.

"Shall we make our way there?" He asked. "Sure" I replied, and we began walking. So far so good...


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