It's A Thin Line

A tragic love story, David and Lisa are meant to be, or are they?


2. A Rush


I was rocking back and forth on  the seat, fiddling with the tattered seatbelt that had been fiddled with hundreds of times before. I watched as New York whizzed past the window, and yet I still wanted to go faster. Any faster and I'd be flying! I glanced every few seconds at my blackberry, waiting for Martin to send me an angry message about how they were already discussing the new gym complex and that my presentation was due any moment.

Finally after what seemed to be an eternity, the cab pulled up outside the conference building where the meeting was being held. I grabbed my tattered notes and my suitcase and sprinted up about a million steps to the door. I threw open the door and attempted to do some subtle powerwalking up the stairs leading to the room. Lets just say that judging from some of the suspicious looks I was thrown, I won't be trying powerwalking again in a very long time.


I clip clopped up the flights of stairs and sipped from my watery coffee that I had grabbed from a battered transport cafe on the way. It tasted like slightly flavoured warm water. I pulled out my blackberry and clicked away a few messages telling Sofia where I was, just like I did every morning, without fail. And then suddenly this man crashed into me- and got my watered coffee all down him. I gasped.

" Oh gosh I am soo sorry, I was typing and wasn't looking where I was going! My friend told me I shouldn't do that and there I a..." I was cut off mid sentence.

"No really its fine I don't mind. I'll just take my jacket off.."

He quickly whipped off his jacket, to reveal the watery coffee all down his shirt too.

"But it's all down your shir..." He started to walk on.

"Look I've got to go, I'm kinda in a rush so don't worry about it.."

And he was gone, clearly cursing under his breath.

I breathed out a sympathetic sigh and carried on walking- a wave of mortifying guilt washing through me.

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