A young boy, living with his father and stepmother, is being bullied by older students. He meets an enigmatic lady, who becomes his only friend. Everything is not what it seems though.


2. A Friend

I stared through the wired fence, my fingers hurting from the frost. I was waiting for my mother, but I had been waiting for 1 month now and I still had 3 left. Watching everyone leaving the school to go home, I was actually waiting for my father who was late once again. Eventually, brushing the snow off the wall, I sat down and waited.  “You’ve been waiting a while.”

  Staring at the ground, I sighed. “I’ll probably have to walk home like last time.”

  “I can help if you like.” Her voice was female and comforting. I felt as if she knew about my mother.

  “I don’t really need…” Turning my head, it shocked me to see a young woman, tall and sleek with dark, long hair and an odd dress which fell past her knees. Like falling into an odd trance I was drawn to her eyes which were silver, like round mirrors reading into my mind. I trailed off and stared in slight awe.

  “Well, then there is no problem?”

  “I haven’t seen you before…”

  This time she looked away, her face pale like the snow, simply staring beyond the gate where the rest of the children where being taken home. She continued to speak; “You were not conscious the last time we met.”

 “Who are you?”

   Smiling, she leaned over and whispered, “I’m the one who saved you from the lake.”

  My eyes widened. It bothered me that I couldn’t remember it. It was all a blurred memory now but something told me she wasn’t lying. “What’s your name?” I asked eagerly.

  “My name is Anna and I really appreciate what you did for me.”

  “What did I do?” But just as the last child left to go home, in the distance I saw my dad.

   “Looks like you can go home now.” In the moment my head turned, she vanished.

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