A young boy, living with his father and stepmother, is being bullied by older students. He meets an enigmatic lady, who becomes his only friend. Everything is not what it seems though.


1. The Mistake

Ice had covered the lake for over many years. Fear about its stability meant it had been cut off from the village.  

 I froze. I wasn’t meant to be there and I knew it. Turning my head I saw they were gone: the students from the senior class who had thrown my toy puzzle box over the fence and onto the ice.  

 Realising it was a mistake to scuttle under the fence and run onto the lake, I crawled on my knees to stay steady and felt through the snow for what I needed. Just then I heard something from beneath. Swiping the snow away I saw a long crack wind its way towards me. Suddenly, like cold glass or fine china, it shattered beneath me. Giving way completely, I fell into the freezing water. I was going to drown! My eyes stung and my breath forgot to hold, accidentally drinking in the ice. Slowly, I began to forget and lose thought of where I was. Darkness ate my vision away…

 Light flooded my room as the curtains were drawn open. Opening my eyes, I saw a stranger in my room and that was when I realised it - I was okay.  “You’re lucky this time,” the stranger muttered and I realised it was a doctor standing by my bed. He lifted up his case and went to the door, “I must be going now. You were lucky I was available.” There was a pause and the silence made guilt churn in my mind as I began to remember. “…I suggest you have a word with your son.”

  My father approached from the doorway. “I will,” he said coldly and with one last glare at me, the doctor left my room and made his own way out. I knew I was in trouble. The silence was overwhelming and I felt a shudder of awkwardness tremble through me.  “What were you doing on the ice?” he asked. His face was blank and still feeling a chill in the air I shrugged. There was another long pause. “You should think of what you’re doing at least.”

  “I want to see mum…” I whispered. Folding his arms he rolled his eyes.

  “Yes, well you have another 3 months until you can see her.” He then left.  Although I never said anything, I was frustrated. Ever since my mother dropped me off here, I hated this village, this house, the people... I felt unaccepted and bullied like a mouse in pitch of lions. I felt alone. Why did I always try to befriend them?

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