The Struggle Through Love

Sasha has given up on love. She is heartbroken after her first serious boyfriend dumps her before they start collage and believes she is destined to live alone forever. She never dreamed she find someone like Danny. Or their stuggle to stay together.


2. Danny

Sasha was seated in her usual place when Danny had arrived for class late,again. Sasha rolled her eyes, Danny was late for every class. How could you be late almost every day of the year?. The lecturer shook his head at him unable to argue anymore. Danny smirked and went to sit in the only available seat left.Next to Sasha.

Within minutes of sitting down, Danny was up to no good again. He passed a note to Sasha.

"Hi" he wrote in a unexpecetedly neat script. Sasha ignored it trying to pay attention to the lecturer. This didnt stop Danny.

"How are you?" he sent. Again Sasha ignored it.

"Are you ignoring me" was the next note he sent but Sasha could tell he was trying to provoke her into sending a note back and that he wasnt really offened.

"I wont stop until you reply" Danny wrote and Sasha knew he ment it.  When the professer wasnt looking she tore out a sheet of paper and wrote...

"Ssh, i`m trying to pay attention."  Danny delighted that she replied wrote back almost instantly.

"Really, you can understand him? I can`t"

"Of course, why did you take the class if you cant understand him" Wrote Sasha.

"`Cause your in it" Danny flirted.

"What a line" Sasha replied, though she couldnt help grinning. Stop it! She warned herself. You promised you wouldnt do this.

"Wanna go out sometime? x" Read Dannys next note.

"No, your not my type sorry." Sasha scribbled quickly annoyed she let it get this far.

"What is your type" Danny asked, not seeming broken up about the fact that Sasha had just turned him down. Sasha decided to be cheeky

"Someone who would be on time for our date" When she passed the note to Danny she could she him trying not to laugh.

"Okay" He wrote back, but the wink to Sasha implied this wasnt the end of the matter.

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