The Struggle Through Love

Sasha has given up on love. She is heartbroken after her first serious boyfriend dumps her before they start collage and believes she is destined to live alone forever. She never dreamed she find someone like Danny. Or their stuggle to stay together.


1. The Dream

Sasha watched in delight as her aunt glided around the dancefloor with her new husband. Sasha had been waiting for this day ever since her aunt announced her engagment three years ago. She had gone with her aunt to every cake testing and dress fitting she had never been more excited about anything in her life. Seeing her aunt smile as her husband twirled her around she knew that her would take care of her and treat her right. Sasha made her way over to the bar to buy a drink when she heard her friend calling her name and lifting two glasses to indicate he had already purchased her a drink. When she reached him he hooked his arm around her waist and kissed her tenderly on the cheek.  "Your speech was amazing babe, I`m so proud of you" "Thanks hun" Sasha replied. She leened in to kissed him but was distracted by a shrill ringing sound.

Sasha looked around furiously for the source of the shrill ringing that was ruining her aunts wedding day.

It took her a few minutes to realised it was her alam clock and the wedding was a dream. When she woke she felt strange and upset. It had been almost four months since she had a dream like that,ever since her last boyfriend had dumped her she had only been having nightmares.

Sasha wanted to cry. When her last boyfriend dumped her she promised herself she wouldnt think about her ex and forced all thoughts of love out of her mind.

Dreaming about this guy had brought everything back, Sasha hated herself for enjoying the dream, she had told herself that love was off the cards, she would be forever alone.

Then again, she hadnt  counted on having this dream.

She also didnt count on meeting Danny.

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