Everybody's fool

You were the girl everyone wanted to be. Your life was perfect. Or so it seemed...


3. Unexpected surprise

I was dreading school today. It is Friday and you are always that little bit meaner, maybe because it's nearer the weekend.


As I came through the rusty old gates I was building myself up for your horrible insults and your unkind language. 


But you weren't there. I didn't see you anywhere. The front gates where quiet because you weren't there. Neither where your horribly annoying group of friends. Well that's a relief. No trouble from you this morning. 


So I decided to go straight to the bathroom and re-apply my eyeliner and put more white make-up on. I love my goth looks. I'm a proud emo. 


As the eye pencil traces my eyelid I hear sobbing in the cubicle. Ever so quietly. Then the sobbing got louder and progressed into a full on cry.


"Hello? Who's there? Why are you crying?" I say. 

The cubicle door opens ever so slowly and Trixie appears, mascara running all down her cheeks and blood dripping from her arms. 

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