Everybody's fool

You were the girl everyone wanted to be. Your life was perfect. Or so it seemed...


4. The real Trixie

"YOU!" she screamed at me. 

"Trixie?" I reply, quite tentatively because i didn't know what she was going to do next. 

"Please help..." Trixie said. Ever so timidly and quietly. You could tell by her tone of voice that she really needed it.

I wanted to tell her I that I wouldn't. Why should I after the pain and suffering she had caused me for the past 8 years. But somehow I couldn't. I heard a part of me in those two words. Please help. That's what I needed. 


I got some cloth from the store cupboard next door and wrapped her arm up. I used the hair tie on my wrist to do up the top. She was wincing. 

"How did you do it?" I asked 

Then I saw the pieces of glass on the floor and I'd realized what she'd done. 

"Why would you do that to yourself Trix? Why would you need to?" I asked 


Those questions is what brought us together. She told me how her perfect life wasn't real. She was as insecure and as emotionally unstable as I was. Her parents were both drug abusers just like mine and she'd been put into a foster home, a different one from her little sister Mandy. 


She told me that she worried about the future. How she wasn't clever enough to make her own way when she was older. 

"So why are you telling me this? You hate me? Why are you so indescribably horrible to me?" I asked another set of questions. 


"Because I'm jealous of how smart you are. How independent you are. How I wish I was more like you." she replied


That hit me so hard. I never thought in a million years that someone as loved by everyone as Trixie would ever be jealous of the weird emo girl named Rox. 




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