Everybody's fool

You were the girl everyone wanted to be. Your life was perfect. Or so it seemed...


1. Not Again

How I long to be like you. You are the popular one, the amazing one, you haven't got a single fault in everyone else's eyes. But why choose me to be horrible to?


I enter the school gates cautiously, my dark black hair covering my face and then I hear your voice. 

"Roxanne! Oh Roxanne! Hello!"

That sickly sarcastic tone of yours makes me want to puke.


I walk quickly, trying to get away as you catch up to me and grab the top of my school bag.

"Roxanne! Why are you ignoring me? How was your weekend? How's your mum?" You asked

All of your group laugh with you and at me. You know my mum's a drug abuser and severely messed up.

"My name is just Rox. And if you excuse me...." I say and I try to walk away

"Not so fast. Get back here!" You say as I manage to get away


Then I feel the thud against my face from your pretty little fist and i fall to the floor. In pain. 

Just a normal day from you isn't Trixie?

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