My journal of thoughts and observations.


9. Musical

Music has also been part of my life, although in the last few yesars it's pretty much been in the background.

When I was little I used to play the recorder, but if you asked me now, I couldn’t play you one note. I’m currently teaching myself how to play the piano, but that’s coming very slowly as I have other responsibilities. I’ve always listened to some form of music.

When I was little I loved to listen to tapes and CDs of nursery rhymes, I think my favourite was ‘The Death of Cock Robin’. I know it’s a rather morbid nursery rhyme, but I think I loved its' solemnity. Which I think is why I like some of the softer metal rock bands like Within Temptation and Xandria.

I also love singing, though my voice is now rusty from disuse; which doesn't mean I won't sing along to one of my favourite songs when I have my headphones plugged in.

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