Dancing with myself

Paige Harman is 15 years old and loves all kinds of dance; ballroom, salsa, tango. Another thing she loves is her dance partner, 16-year-old Kyle Davis, although he doesn't know it yet. She really doesn't wan't to mess things up with him, but when it comes round to the Dance Final, will she be dancing with herself?


1. Late

Bzzz. Bzzz.

What was that?

Bzzz. Bzzz.

I steadily opened my eyes, only to meet the glaring screen of my phone on my bedside table. Scrunching my eyelids up tight so that I could just about read the screen, I made out 'Incoming Call- Kyle'.

I clumsily snatched up the vibrating mobile and jammed it to my ear, before realising I needed to answer the call first. Feeling a little stupid, I pressed the 'answer' button and said a rushed 'Hey!' Which came out sounding deep and croaky.

'Paige!' He said. 'Where the hell have you been? I've been calling you all morning!'

Deciding to attempt to clear my throat before answering, I promptly coughed, and began choking.

'Paige? Are you ok?' He said, sounding panicked.

Spluttering, I spat out: 'I'm... Fine...!'

'Good, 'cause I don't want my dance partner to die before saturday. Anyway, where are you?!'

It took me a moment to drowsily figure out what he was saying, then it hit me. We had practise this morning at 9. I glanced at the clock. 9:15. I swore.

'Kyle, I am so so sorry, I overslept! I promise I am getting up now!' I gushed.

'Wait, what?! You aren't even up yet?! Look Paige, you really need to make more of an effort, the final is NEXT SATURDAY, that's ONE WEEK AWAY! And we still need to figure out the rest of the rountine for the ballroom dance, and the tango definitely needs more work!'

'Sorry, sorry, sorry! I swear I won't be late again!'

'You better not be!' And he hung up. Whoops.

*    *     *    *    *    *

Kyle was frosty with me the entire way through practise, and our salsa, which we had nailed in the previous weeks, definitely lacked the usual heat and passion. Sabina, our dance teacher, who had agreed to watch over and help at practise, was confused.

'What happened?' She said, in her strong Spanish accent. 'You were perfect before!'

'Hmm, maybe ask Paige!' Said Kyle, looking daggers at me. She glanced at my reddening face.

'Kyle is angry at me because I overslept,' I muttered. Sabina fixed me with her steely glare. I could feel another rant about the Final coming on. And indeed it came.

*    *    *    *    *    *

'Look Kyle,' I said, after practise, when we were outside the building, and both unhooking our bikes. 'I am so sorry and it will never happen again. Please forgive me!'

'Paige, I just think you really need to make more effort, it seems like you don't even care about next saturday!'

'I do, I really honestly do!' And I really care about you too, I thought.

'Just, try to show it then.' And with that he pedalled off down the road, helmet slightly askew.

'And please start wearing a helmet!' He called behind him.

I grinned. He had forgiven me.

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