Dancing with myself

Paige Harman is 15 years old and loves all kinds of dance; ballroom, salsa, tango. Another thing she loves is her dance partner, 16-year-old Kyle Davis, although he doesn't know it yet. She really doesn't wan't to mess things up with him, but when it comes round to the Dance Final, will she be dancing with herself?


2. Coffee?

Sunday morning we had practise again. I set an alarm and managed to reach the dance studios at nine sharp. Of course Kyle was already there, warming up and stretching out his tanned limbs.

'Hey,' he said, and I hurriedly went to join him at the practice bar. 'You turned up on time!'

'Yeah well, I really do want to do well on Saturday, you know!'

'So do I, I only wish my partner would turn up to rehearsals sometimes!' He gave me a little shove. I stumbled, shrieked and started laughing, and I reached out a hand to mess up his perfect blond hair.

'Paaaiigge!' He moaned, examining the damage in the mirror, before turning around and messing up mine too. Soon we were in a full-on play fight. Kyle gave me a rough push and I fell onto the floor. His face showed genuine concern and he reached out a hand to help me up.

'Paige are you ok?' He said.

'I'm fine!' I laughed, grabbing his hand and pulling him onto the floor next to me. I looked sideways at him and it was then that we had a moment.

It was one of those moments when your heart stops, but beats so loudly you can almost hear it. Where you can hear the blood rushing in your ears, and you can't even breathe. One of those moments that is just so unexpected that it hits you like a tidal wave, a fresh wash of emotion. It was in that moment that I thought about kissing Kyle Davis. All I could do was stare at those blue, blue eyes and I didn't move a muscle.

It could have gone on for hours, maybe even days, if Kyle's face hadn't split into a nervous smile and he'd said, more softly now;

'I think we need to practise.'

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Practise had gone on as if nothing had happened. We left the building at 1, as usual, unhooked our bikes, as usual, and Kyle clipped on his helmet, as usual. But there was complete silence between us. Until...

'Paige,' Kyle blurted out, as if he'd been wanting to say it for a while. 'Do you want to go out for a coffee sometime? Just to, you know, discuss ideas.'

My first feelings were of happiness. Something was happening between us at last. But going out for a coffee? It sounded like such a grown up thing to do. I didn't even like coffee all that much. But Kyle Davis had finally asked me out!

'Sure,' I said, trying to sound casual.

'Cool, so tomorrow after practise?'

'Umm, ok,' I said. I could barely contain my excitement.

'Cool, see you tomorrow then, Paige.' And he cycled off, helmet on straight this time. I watched him go, and I was sure I could hear him say; 'And please buy that helmet!'

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