Express Yourself

Some people say that music expresses who they are and what they feel better than their own words can. One girl can't find it in herself to even talk to her parents but she has a way of reaching the minds of the public with her voice.

For Alicia Velasquez, this applies to her literally.


1. Hidden Voice

Kyle pretended to stretch, leaning over to put an arm over her shoulder. The girl next to him giggled softly. 'Classic.' he thought to himself. He smirked as Ciara edged closer to him so he gave her a feathered kiss on the cheek to sweeten the deal. "You're so sweet." Ciara whispered, tucking a golden lock of hair behind her ear. "Not as sweet as you, babe." he lied smoothly. There was a constant guilt tugging in the back of his mind. The cinema was dimly lit by the bright colours from the massive screen. Kyle was barely paying attention. It was some romance film about some girl and her time travelling husband. Ciara's face glittered with tears. 'So it's gonna be one of those film.' he thought in despair. It was a good opportunity though. He reached over and softly wiped the tears away. The guilt continues to burn in the back of his mind. 'I'd be seeing better movies with Katie. My girlfriend Katie and not this broad.' the thought kept playing over and over. His conscience was a broken record. The cinema echoed with the wife's wrenching sobs. Kyle struggled to stifle a yawn. The movie's audio began to fade out. "Is there something wrong with the cinema's sound?" Kyle asked his sort-of-girlfriend. Then total silence. No sobbing, no murmuring, no nothing. Then he heard a voice. A girl's voice. Singing. It was … familiar.

"You liar liar Don't cry on my shoulder." the girl sung.

It sounded eerie but it really got to him.

"With words, I've been betrayed You respond and let them fade."

He wanted it to stop

"You played with fire And smiled when you told her."

Kyle searched the people in his row for someone who looked like they could be singing. They were all fixed on the movie. The people on the screen didn't look like they were singing either.

"So break away the touch Of the bliss you miss so much."

He swivelled his head, desperate to find this person.

"Thought you were someone."

His eyes locked onto one girl. Crap. Katie's best friend. The cinema lights let her obsidian eyes flash dangerously. The stuttering girl. Kyle didn't know she could look so threatening. Her eyes met Kyle's. She shook her head with an expression full of spite. She rose to her feet and left the cinema.

"Goodbye to no one."

The audio faded in again. It was as though it never stopped. "Give me a minute, Ciara." he murmured and followed the girl out of cinema. "Velasquez." he called after her. "Velasquez!" She was at the candy counter, smiling kindly at the cashier. Her chocolate coloured hair fell in gentle curls to her waist and her tan skin was clothed with a red top and a denim skirt. Not the kind or length that the broads he dates wore. Her skirt was at a much more respectable length. She may not say much to him but somehow be knew she was a force to be reckoned with. "Velasquez." he repeated. She looked in his direction and the smile vanished from her face. 'Damn, she looked good mad.' he thought, a smirk playing on his lips. 'Wait. Focus, Kyle.' She took the her drink in hand and advanced towards him, her shoes tapping at the tiled floor at a scary pace. "How dare you?!" she yelled with a voiced laced with hate and a bit of a Spanish accent. "I-" "How could you do that to Katie?!" "But I-" "Do you have any idea how much she loves you? She spends every spare minute she has telling me how great you are and you have the nerve … the audacity to treat her like that?!" "Listen to m-" "No. YOU listen! There's Katie, there's Ciara and unless I'm mistaken, there's a Sarah somewhere in that list. Have you no shame?" This time she stopped yelling so he could say something in his defence. But he was rendered mute for a while. And the only words he thought to say were: "That's the first time you spoke to me without stuttering." She was taken aback. The hand holding her cup was trembling and you could see the orange, fizzy liquid breaking out in ripples until … She threw her drink. All over Kyle. Kyle gasped and made a noise in protest. "TU ES UN HIJO DE PUTA!" she screamed. "Velasquez, did you just swear at me in Spanish?!" he demanded as he tried to wipe the liquid off of his clothes and as she turned on her heal to leave. "My name is Alicia. You owe me a drink," she turned to face him. "And those girls an apology."

(Song used: Liar Liar by Christina Grimmie: )

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