Who Am I?

It is about a girl called Roasline, who loses all her memory, and is struggeling to get it back.


3. What They Call Home.

After I was told I had suffered from severe memory loss, I knew that that woman I saw, must be my mum, and that man, my dad. They took me home, and there was a girl waiting there, who looked just like me, standing at the door, looking at me nervously. 'Mum' introduced me to her.

"Now darling..this is your twin sister, Ruby."

"Do you remember me?"Said Ruby anxiously.

"Of course I do! How could I forget!" I lied.  I had to lie, I could see how upset Ruby was, and I didnt want to make her feel worse. I hugged her tight, and strangley, it felt normal to do this.

"Now, lets show you to your bedroom." Said Dad quickly. He took me upstairs, and down the small hallway. Ruby cut infront of me, and opened the door.

"I always wanted your room." Exclaimed Ruby. She seemed less worried now. This made me feel pleased...I dont know why? I looked around the room, nothing looked familiar. I felt annoyed with myself! Why couldnt I remember anything?

"Do you mind if I stay on my own for a while? I just want to have a look about." I said.

"Of course" Replied Mum. "We will all be downstairs if you need us."

Once they were gone, I threw myself on my bed and cried. By the time I lifted my head, the sun was setting. What a beautiful sight that was!

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