Who Am I?

It is about a girl called Roasline, who loses all her memory, and is struggeling to get it back.


1. Waking up.


Ouch. I am aching all over...and this thing I am lying on, why is it so lumpy? I hear a noise. Beeping I think, like the pace of a heart. Every 3 seconds it beeps again, why? I think I am going to open my eyes now, because someone is shouting Rosaline...Wait, that is my name, how could I forget that..


Rosaline opens her eyes slowly. Her parents are around her, calling her name, waiting for her to wake up. When she does, she looks confused..maybe even scared.


"Who are you" I mumble. This woman, who looks like someone I know, clasps my hand. I shake her off, why is this stranger here at my bedside. The woman looks hurt as I do this.

"I am your mum silly.." Said the woman.

Why is this woman pretending to be my mum. I start screaming as she begins to hold my hand again. Why is this happening, I dont have a family and she certainly isnt someone I know.

"Go away" I scream. "Leave me alone!"

I throw myself into my pillow and cry and cry and cry.

Where am I, What am I doing here, and most importantly WHO AM I?

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