Who Am I?

It is about a girl called Roasline, who loses all her memory, and is struggeling to get it back.


5. School Worries.

Ruby was getting ready for school. I didnt know what that was until she explained it to me. Apparently it is where children go to get a education. I did want to go, but mum said I had to stay at home for one more week, so that I could learn the basics like the alphabet, and counting up to fifty. I couldnt even remember how to get dressed, or wash my face. It is really difficult to learn everything again, whilst everyone else can do what they want. In a way, it is like my life has been put on pause. Its horrible.


On Monday I jumped out of bed at the sound of my alarm. I wasnt tired at all! I skipped into Rubys room, and her alarm was still going off. Her head was under a pillow. I was confused, did I find school this exciting and fun. I walked out, thinking of what the day was going to be like. Would I reconginse my school, or even friends. While I was eating breakfast, I realised how difficult this was going to be. What if my teachers didn't know of my condtion, or my classmates? What if they thought I was stupid? I am worried now. I feel quite sick.

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