Who Am I?

It is about a girl called Roasline, who loses all her memory, and is struggeling to get it back.


4. Hungry.

That same night, I cleaned my self up, and got a grip. Crying isnt going to change anything! I walked down the stairs, and found my way to the kitchen, where my mum was making dinner.

"Do you want a snack before we eat Rosaline, dinner wont be for another fourty minutes as it is all homemade!" Said mum. She was eyeing me curiously, as I walked to the cuboard. It made me feel uncomfortable. I had a good look. There were biscuits, sweets, crisps, cereal and coffee. I didnt know what was edible and what wasnt, so I picked up the bag of coffee. I opened it and got a metal spoon from a draw. I put in my first spoon full, and popped it in my mouth. Suddenly, I started choking, and my mum started laughing! It was a strong, disguting taste! I looked at my mum.

"WHAT?" I shouted inbetween coughs.

"You do know, you put that in a coffee cup and add water, not eat it straight from the bag, you silly billy!" She replied, giggling!

I started laughing, and we ended up clutching our stomachs as we were giggling to long!

I have know realised, that I cant do anything about my memory, except learn new things, and get on with my life. That is what were made to do, isnt it?

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