I'm Sorry I Can't Be Perfect

Title from Simple Plan song. Anyway, I wrote this a little while ago, and looking back I don't even know why. Heavy involvement of eating disorders! And therefore could be triggering. Anyway. May delete this. Maaaaan


5. Chapter 5


It was a clear August morning, and I was freezing in the car with this towel on my foot. I looked over at Jared slowly, taking in all the details of his face. He was concentrating on getting to the hospital as soon as he could, and his deep brown eyes were intensely focused on the road ahead. His blond-brown hair was swept across his forehead though it was messy as he hadn’t brushed it yet.


Why was the traffic so bad this morning? I needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible. Come on, people. I don’t need to wait behind you.


“Did you wear that shirt to bed?” I asked, curious as to why there were so many creases in a fresh tee. It was his favourite, his white v-neck.


“What?” he looked at his shirt and quickly back at the road. “Oh, yeah. I was busy making breakfast, but I just pulled on a pair of jeans.”


“Okay...” I decided to shut up; he didn’t need more things on his mind. I looked out the window the whole ride, until he pulled up at the hospital’s car park. He got out and picked me up like before, bridal style, dropping the towel on the car floor and placing my bag in my lap.


We entered the hospital. A tired looking receptionist looked up at us.


“Name?” she asked.


“Kayleigh Ward.”


“What happened?”


“I stepped on some broken glass.”


“Take a seat to your left and fill out this form, please. It shouldn’t be too long; it’s not as busy in the mornings.”


“Okay, thank you! Have a lovely day.” She smiled as we walked away. Jared sat down, began filling out the form with me still on his lap. I blinked at him.


I ticked and crossed the appropriate boxes. I’d been with Kay long enough to know exactly what to write down. I paused to look up at Kayleigh, who was staring back at me.


“Am I not too heavy? Let me sit next to you instead.” I prepared for him to let me go. He didn’t.


“Psh. You’re as light as a feather, and I like holding you.” He placed my bag on the chair next to him, and rested my foot on top gently. I snuggled into his chest.


“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have been so stupid. If it wasn’t for me acting like an idiot, you wouldn’t have to be here.” I murmured into his chest. He hugged me tighter and kissed my forehead.


She had to stop blaming herself. This was ridiculous.


“Sweetie, it’s not your fault. Don’t blame yourself. You’re not stupid, at all.”


“But-“ I began to protest, but got interrupted by the doctor calling my name. Jared took my bag and we followed him to the room. We sat down, Jared not letting me off his lap, and the doctor closed the door. Jared handed the doctor the form he had filled out. The doctor glanced through it expertly.


“So, Miss Ward. My name is Dr Hart, what can I do for you?” He said pleasantly as he sat down.


“I stepped on some glass this morning, and Jared wanted to check if there was any glass still in there.” Dr Hart picked up a pair of latex gloves and checked my foot.


“How did you do this, Miss Ward?” he said as he studied my foot.


“Uh, I accidentally knocked over a glass, and then didn’t look where I was stepping.”


But she wasn’t going to explain why she knocked it over, was she?


“Okay... Well, it doesn’t look like there’s anything in there, but I’ll do an x-ray to check, just in case.” He looked up, and smiled at us. 

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