Why me?

Dear diary,

I swear people hate me, i mean because my Mum shouts at me my Dad sends me to my room my Brothers bully me and I think my Sisters havent got a clue who i am! This is a story on my life its horrible.....


1. Sister's, Brother's and School.

Hello my name is Sylviana, most my friends call me Sylvie but all the older kids bully me and call me Titch because im not tall like all the rest of them in short. My sister Jodie is tall shes in Yr 6 she doesn't care about me she mostly with Emily my other sister all her mates and them lot so im left with Lucy and Elle.

My brother's Joe and Callum are in high school in Yr 9 so I don't really see them much thank god, because they have fights with me most of the time they see me can you belive 2 weeks ago on Saturday afternoon Joe hit me in my eye and gave me a black eye but Mum and Dad didn't even bother to do anything about it they are just like Callum, Joe and Jodie because I like Emily she's like my real Mum! She has looked after me ever since I was born.

But the thing that I hate most is SCHOOL like most kids really esecially school dinners most the older kids in Yr 5 and 6 go round the back door and go have lunch at the chippy but the rest of us are to scared in case we are t oslow and get caught.

Now the real story begins at home with the hole of the family ...

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