Impossible Romance

Have you ever loved someone but knew it could never lead to anything. I have. How would you feel if you loved one of your best friends but were afraid of what everyone would say. I'm Natasha and this is my story.


4. Chapter 4

On the walk home I thought over the events of the day. 'Did I just say yes to going out with Finn?' My phone vibrated against my leg and I could guess who it was. Of course it was Finn.

'Hey do you want to go to the cinema tonight? Finn xx

I really wanted to reply and say, 'soz but I didn't really think you were serious,' but I didn't. I couldn't do that to him. What if he really liked me? I have just had my mind set on going out with Nathan. I wasn't thinking about other boys that might actually like me. All I could really think about was, 'what was the worst thing that could happen?' And the answer was that it might actually work out and it could turn out to be a successfull relationship. What's so bad about that. I decided to go to the cinema with Finn. I replied,

'Sure c ya l8er xx'
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