Impossible Romance

Have you ever loved someone but knew it could never lead to anything. I have. How would you feel if you loved one of your best friends but were afraid of what everyone would say. I'm Natasha and this is my story.


3. Chapter 3

Me and Nathan are only in one class together, and that is maths. I wish it was something like PE where we could talk but in maths it's head down and working. I normally sit and watch him work like such a weirdo but this morning I thought lots about me and Nathan and I had come to a conclusion. I had to give up on him. I had to move on and start accepting some of the offers from the other boys. Lots of boys ask me out but I always say no because deep down I hope that Nathan will one day ask me out. I kept on thinking, 'What's the point in loving someone and knowing that nothing will never happen?' We could still be friends but I would have to stop loving him.

In maths I sit next to this boy, Finn. He is quite good looking. I had never realised how good looking some of e boys were because I had my mind fixed on Nathan.
"Hi Finn," I said in the most flirty voice I could manage.
"Hi. Not staring at Nathan today."
"Eh, what are you talking about? I don't stare at Nathan."
"Oh really. I've sat next to you for 5 months and everyday you stare at him." He lifted my jotter and said, "Here's some proof," he said while pointing to some doodles I had drawn that said NATASHA LOVES NATHAN <3.
"Ok, so maybe I used to have a crush on him but I'm sooooo totally over him."
"Really. So if I asked you out you would have no objection."
"No because I'm over him."
"Alright. Will you go out with me?"
"Ok, here's my number." He turned to look at his best friend who sits behind us and said, "I finally got mrs 'there's only one man for me' to go out with me."
"Way to go bro."
They high fived each other and Finn smiled for the rest of the lesson. I realised that this could be a big mistake.
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