Impossible Romance

Have you ever loved someone but knew it could never lead to anything. I have. How would you feel if you loved one of your best friends but were afraid of what everyone would say. I'm Natasha and this is my story.


2. Chapter 2

Later that night as I was lying in my sleeping bag I was thinking, 'What would happen if I admitted I liked Nathan? Would my friends text him straight away? Would it affect our friendship?' There were so many things to think about and to be honest I don't think I could handle that right now.

I have been friends with Nathan for as long as I can remember. I would say he is my best friend. I only became friends with the girls at the beginning of high school. I would much rather be round at Nathan's house watching a movie and seeing how much popcorn we can fit in our mouths. But instead of having fun, I'm at Abigail's house being interrogated on who I'm liking. To tell the truth I want to jump out of the window and run back to my house but tonight's our scheduled 'girls' nights. We have one every month where we go to one of our houses for a sleepover.

That night I dreamt about my future life with Nathan. Living in a big house, going for romantic weekends away and doing other stuff that I can't tell you about. Of course, these are only dreams that aren't going to come true. The closest thing to a relationship was last year when Nathan got drunk and kissed me not knowing who I was. OMG he was a good kisser and i wish he would kiss me when he was sober.

I glanced at my phone. The new message symbol was flashing so I clicked on it and saw I had a message from Nathan.

'Night night don't let the bed bugs bite.'

I smiled. He has sent that message to me every night since we got phones. I think of it as our littl thing. I completely forgot about it during the events of last night. Anyway, just that one message could make you forget about all of your troubles and change your night.
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