Through London's Eye

London’s sister, Avery, was involved in an accident on 11th July 2011.
Ed’s brother, Daniel, was also involved in an accident on 11th July 2011.
They’re both 15. They’re both in the Y9A class at school. They both like each other.
However, Ed’s the new kid and popular. London’s just the same old/same old.
Is it opposites attract or the opposite of attract?


1. The Accident


As she began to drift away, a funny thought occurred to her – The weeping. It had stopped. She opened one eye and tipped her blood-drowned head to the left. Charges of people were surrounding the scene. Behind the dense layers of smoke, she could see the vague figure of a couple in distress and an old women, paining at the happenings in front of her. There were groups of children around London’s age and an odd-looking man in a suit. Actually, where was London?

Avery tried to search the chaos to find her but her attention was caught by a young boy. He was oblivious to the raging sea of fire flowing towards him. She watched as tears of terror cascaded down his small face and he made silent screams for his mother.

At that very moment, the blazes and sound rose again. Except this time, it was louder, bigger and a hell lot higher. Blood trickled down her cheek from the top of her strawberry-blonde head and she eclipsed her eyes. She accepted they wouldn’t open again. 

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