Through London's Eye

London’s sister, Avery, was involved in an accident on 11th July 2011.
Ed’s brother, Daniel, was also involved in an accident on 11th July 2011.
They’re both 15. They’re both in the Y9A class at school. They both like each other.
However, Ed’s the new kid and popular. London’s just the same old/same old.
Is it opposites attract or the opposite of attract?


2. London's P.O.V.


Mumbling voices and monitors could be heard through the family room’s door. The screech of wheelchairs and hospital beds kept my mind from relaxing. A little girl and her mother skipped into the room and sat next to the wooden toys. She bubbled with delight and laughter. Just like Avery was. Why had I not been there? I tried to keep my mind away from the disaster.

“Hey, do I know you from somewhere?” I queried. Wavy blonde hair swept across his faultless, pale face. He broke a soft grin and laughed.

“I’m kinda in your form at school,” he said sarcastically. As he spoke, the drones went silent to listen to his every word. “Y’know? Ed?”

Of course! I’d been completely zoned out the week before. I must have been because the new boy was drop-dead gorgeous. Drop-dead, eh? Oh, how fantastic I am at winding myself up.

“Oh! Yeah…” He locked his eyes onto mine. “Sorry ‘bout that…” I mumbled, avoiding his gaze. The last thing I wanted was to try and act as if I was a normal teenager. I mean, it had only been a few hours.

He realised I felt awkward and decided to look around the compact room instead. Soon after, he decided to try again. His brown eyes stared deep into my grey ones.

“So,” he began. “Why are you here, then?” Was he serious!?

“Isn’t it obvious!?” I blurted, quickly regretting my actions.

That’s where the conversation came to a very blunt end. We both went back to keeping ourselves to ourselves and let our thoughts rush back. It was relatively easy to guess what they would be considering.

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