Through London's Eye

London’s sister, Avery, was involved in an accident on 11th July 2011.
Ed’s brother, Daniel, was also involved in an accident on 11th July 2011.
They’re both 15. They’re both in the Y9A class at school. They both like each other.
However, Ed’s the new kid and popular. London’s just the same old/same old.
Is it opposites attract or the opposite of attract?


3. Edward's P.O.V.


It was my fault that she acted so irrational. Seriously, though. WHAT was I thinking!? Maybe I was trying to take my mind off it all… It was so obvious that she was here for Avery, like I was here for Daniel. I might not know her that much but everybody knew Avery was at the centre of the explosion. And then there’s Daniel. He was four. Just four! God, I hate hospitals…

“London?” I looked up to see a young nurse with fiery red hair. It just took me straight back to the catastrophe that had hardly even taken place. It was the exact same colour as the flames. The image of the cars flashed past in my mind. “Is there a London in here by any chance?”

I turned to my class mate as her face appeared from behind her long, black hair. I’m not a usual victim of clichés or having crushes but she was perfect in every way. I think I’d fell in love. But then I saw the tears. And I knew it had been my fault. She lifted her head and averted from looking at me. My heart fell deep into my chest.

 “Y-yeah?” she stuttered.

“And you must be Edward,” the nurse smiled. It took me a moment to realise she meant me.

“That’s me,” I replied without turning to face her. I wasn’t going to ignore London now. Anyway, what did it matter if I looked at the nurse or not. The only that mattered about her was whatever she had come to say.

“Is- Is something wrong?” The strong panic in London’s voice set me on edge. I hoped to God she was wrong.

“Everything is as expected,” the nurse comforted. Relief rushed through my body, ridding of the extensive worry that had built up. “I’m Nicole and I’m the sister of Avery and Daniel’s ward.”

“Er, Sister Nicole?”

“Just Nicole love. What is it?” She was acting so calm. Almost too calm.

"Are they going to be O.K.?” How could anybody talk to a nurse without asking the question? London looked at me. I guess she didn’t expect me to care about her sister.

“We’ve moved Avery into Intensive Care because she has severe burns to her arms, legs and side and Daniel has been sedated for now to relieve the pain and we can treat his injuries.” I nodded to show that I understood but really, I was very confused.

I saw Dan engulfed into those flames! I watched as the smoke reached sky-scraper heights and vehicles were torn to pieces. How could they even have bodies left!?

Nicole took the seat opposite London and I before giving us both a concerned expression.

“If you don’t mind,” she insisted. “I would like to ask you some questions about the violence.”

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