Song lyrics. One song any time you like! Ask me in the comments what song you want. The first song will be my own choice. I hope you like it! :)



4. Key Of Awesome Parody - Love the way you lie


[Chorus Rihanna vocals by Anastasia Douglas] Just gonna ride past you on my bike That’s alright because I’m not sure who I like Why did you give me an Indian burn I told the Principal because it really hurt You’re such a stupid jerk

[Verse Mark Douglas As Eminem] I can’t tell her that I like her I can only shoot her with a spitball She should know it means the same thing after all I threw glue at her just to get a reaction She was a distraction from addition and fractions Drew a you a picture of her cus I thought she was neat We’ve always been close ’cause we have assigned seats I’ll never forget when I passed her that note She checked the box yes and that’s all that she wrote From then it was great and we had a play date We played House and she made me a fake play dough steak The next day I saw something that I’ll never forget She was playing and laying with Kyle in the ball pit I started to cry and lay down on the floor I said you’re a fartface I don’t like you no more I want you out of my heart but you’re stuck like a splinter

[Chorus Rihanna vocals by Anastasia Douglas]

You said mean things and you ran away

That’s okay it must’ve been opposite day

You stole my heart and you stole my bike That’s alright because I love the way you like I love the way you like

[Verse Mark Douglas As Eminem] Now, I apologize for wiping boogers on your jacket and backpack I wish that I didn’t I wish that I could back track To the day before they made me sit in the corner This feels like a third grade restraining order I knew that I loved you at first but I fought it My heart was a kickball then you suddenly caught it I’m sorry but there’s something I must confess It was me who ripped off your Nintendo DS I felt bad and returned it while you were busy nappin’ We’re together again it’s just like it never happened I dressed up like Weasly and you were Hermoine You said you had spells that could make me less whiny You colored inside of the lines of my heart Cause you opened me up and then you cut a fart in my heart I’m so bored with this game that we’re playin I guess that’s why they call em bored games

[Chorus Rihanna vocals by Anastasia Douglas] Well I am rubber and you are glue Words bounce off of me and then stick on to you Did you just call me a doo doo pie That’s all right. I know you are, but what am I? I know you are, but what am I?

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