Have You Ever Met A Human?

My name's Ruweyda, and I'm a Nymph...


2. Hi, my name's May!

I ran, tears rolling down my cheeks. I decided to run away. My mother nagged about all the things a ‘lady’ must do, how she must behave. She said I won’t be allowed to play with any boys. I won’t be allowed to do anything that I do now, when I'm still a child. I wanted to be free! Free of any housework, of any stress, concerns, free do to anything at all. Unlike her.

I sort of understand that this is completely ridiculous, but I seriously didn't want to be part of the dull adult society. I wanted to stay a child. I understood clearly that running away wouldn't make me a child forever. But I suppose it would do me some good to spend some time alone.

 So I ran off into the darkness of the night with nothing at all with me. But I don't regret it. Although I was truly terrified of how creatures like mice, rats or moths looked under the moonlight, I decided to ride one. I wouldn't get very far walking when I tripped over things every two seconds, would I? So, unsure whether this was safe or completely stupid, I jumped on a grey rat's back. I cuddled its soft, warm body, and a few seconds before I fell unconscious, I whispered in its ear, "Take me with you, wherever you go..." and my eyelids fell slowly as he sped off into the shadows.

For another while I felt the cool breeze blow through my long, blonde plaits, whipping them against my back as well as the rat’s. I remembered how my hair used to not be such a pest when it was shoulder-length, unlike now, when it almost reaches my ankles.


I opened my eyes and squinted at the bright light of the morning. It was one of those dreamless nights, ones where you see nothing but black behind your eyelids. As soon as I remembered what I was doing on this warm, furry animal, I jumped off my new friend's back, and, as he ran the opposite direction, I tried to figure out where I am. "Strange" I thought, "I've never been to this part of the Stream where there is no water at all!" I looked around me. No water, indeed. I turned around. A house. But not just any ordinary house; a ginormous house! The size of an Oak Tree or maybe even bigger! I could see flowery curtains in each of the four windows. The brick walls were orangey-red, and I could see a smaller house next to it. This was very, very different to any of the houses in my village – our walls were built from clay, some rocks perhaps, roofs made of varieties of leaves and sticks. All of this was held together by long strands of grass, carefully tied around each object to avoid any possible damage caused by strong wind or curious mice that couldn't control their long tails and constantly knocked things over.

Suddenly, something walked out of the little wooden house, shouting in a way I've never heard before. It was definitely bigger than I expected, and pitch black. The yapping continued until...

"Bean! Come on Bean! Come on, darling!" I heard a child's voice somewhere outside the house. This Bean was a very strange creature... Running on all fours, just like my rat friend, but much more clumsily. He had short fur that glistened slightly in the morning sunlight. Maybe it was a sort of giant rat? I couldn't remember anything called 'Bean' from The Tales... Never mind that, though. I got quite frightened of the child as she got closer with her Bean, although I could now make out it was a girl. A jolly big one, as well!

I jumped behind a small bush and didn't dare move, as I felt my heart pumping louder and louder every second, I was beginning to wonder whether the pair could actually hear it from where they were.

Suddenly, sniff, sniff, sniff! I felt cold air blowing against my long, blonde plaits. More like a hurricane! I shut my eyes tight, hoping I was still on my rat friend, dreaming.

"BEEEAAAAN!!! COME HERE!!! What have you got there, boy?" she walked up to her animal, inches away from my hiding place. I could now see Bean's pearl-white teeth, sharp as knife blades. I thought he was to eat me! When I nearly died of a heart-attack, the enormous child knelt down near her Bean. She patted his head affectionately, and then froze as she looked down and saw a teeny, blue creature in front of her.


Her hand slapped against her mouth, her eyes widened with shock. I still didn't dare move...

After a long period of time staring at me with disbelief, the ginormous Human girl choked out, "Hi... I’m May..." and I could tell she didn't know whether to believe in me or not.

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