I was shoved hard into the wall, pain seared through my body. I looked her in the eye; I couldn’t believe this girl had been my best friend.


5. The teachers office


I sat in the head of years office sweating and biting nervously at my nails. I couldn’t tell anyone, Rebecca would kill me. Miss Ward turned to face me and asked me what had happened. I just sat there doing nothing she asked me again. I suddenly gushed out everything that had happened to me all the times Rebecca had slapped me, punched me, hurt me and called me fat and ugly. All the things she had broken of mine and when she had said horrid things to me on facebook. I walked back into class after, feeling slightly shaky and Rebecca was called into the office by one of those yellow slips. Ten minutes later she walked back into class crying, her mascara had smudged all down her face. Everyone jumped up quickly to see if she was ok, after being told by the teacher to sit down, Luke said to her

“Don’t worry after school we will kill her, she’s in so much trouble!”

That must of cheered Rebecca up because her eyes then lit up and a cheesy grin was appearing on her face. The bell sounded for the end of school, I charged out of the class with all the boys chasing after me. I had never been so scared in my life, I pushed past everyone and sprinted all the way home. Locking the house door, I saw them run past my house. I sighed a breath of relief.

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