I was shoved hard into the wall, pain seared through my body. I looked her in the eye; I couldn’t believe this girl had been my best friend.


3. Blackout


Walking to school the next day my phone vibrated in my pocket.

–Unknown number-

I read quickly and stopped dead in my tracks, three words in capitals stood out from the phone screen "YOU ARE DEAD!! R."

How on earth did Rebecca get my number and what did she mean? I was scared now but I had to get to school. I hurried straight through the main doors and was grabbed by my collar, it was Rebecca, she must have been waiting for me.

“Why on earth did you do that you cow?”

“ww....hat do y..ou mean?” I stuttered

“Oh you know what I mean.”                                         

 Her fist slammed straight into my nose sending me flying into the wall behind me, I slid down the wall and led in a heap on the floor. Blood dripped from my nose making the floor turn red from white. A teacher came hurrying towards me, oh no a teacher I thought to myself and then I blacked out.

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