I was shoved hard into the wall, pain seared through my body. I looked her in the eye; I couldn’t believe this girl had been my best friend.


6. Being followed


The next morning I had just come down the garden path when I saw a bunch of girls a bit further up laughing. They sounded familiar but I just carried on as I wanted this day to be over and done with. Later on something hard hit me, it was a rock. I looked around suspiciously trying to work out where it had come from. Behind me Rebecca and her friends were glaring, they were following me but I didn’t know why. They started to shout nasty names at me UGLY.FAT.STUPID. I wanted to scream at her for making my life a misery, but I didn’t have the guts to do it. Running away from them I headed straight for Miss Ward’s office, now she knew everything that had happened I felt I could tell her everything. Knocking on the door, I saw Rebecca looking at me; I quickly opened the door to the office without being told to come in. At lunch I was called into the office again. Rebecca was sat outside glaring miserably at me. Miss Ward then explained to me that if I wanted her to Rebecca could be expelled. Straight away I grinned through my very loud YES!! I skipped out happily and on the way to class I smirked at Rebecca and said

“Bye Rebecca, I won’t see you again! YAY!”

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