Destination Of Love

Sally Higgins, from London is a on trip to the US with her family. Mom, dad, sister and brother. She is kind of unhappy about it in the beginning, but it turns that you sometimes shouldn't focus on the journey, more the destination. Someting wonderful comes along and turns everything upside down.... litterally.


1. It's me Sally


July 21, 2012

Dear Diary, my name is Sally, Sally Higgins.

That sounded just like James Bond introducing himself, didn’t it? Well, I’m from London, England, but right now I’m in DC, Washington DC…… okay I really gotta stop writing like that! You know that place with The White House. It really isn’t as pretty as you think. It’s the beginning of a vacation which I’d like to call “Destination of love” that name really doesn’t make any sense, but it’s what my grandma used to call The United States, and I kind of like it. Destination Of Love. I’m here with my family, mom, dad, big sis, and baby bro.

Do you know that feeling, when you are with someone but it feels like you are alone because you can do just whatever you feel like and it doesn’t make u uncomfortable? That’s how it is in my family, we haven’t got any secrets and we’re always messing around and laughing. That was how it used to be with my grandma too, but she died a couple years ago because of two dysfunctional kidneys and no organ donor. It kills me that even when people are dead they are so selfish, I mean seriously, you can save lives just by letting a poor little man or woman get your lung or kidney, it’s not like you are gonna need it anyway? Oh well, that’s probably enough of my life story, you’re just a piece of paper you don’t have to know everything.

Tomorrow we’re going to this place called D.O.L, sounds creepy if you ask me.


July 22, 2012

Dear Diary, yes it’s me again. Sally.

Something wonderful happened today. It turned out that D.O.L wasn’t so bad after all. My mom forgot to tell me that it was a band, not some stupid garden or museum or something. They were really good. There’s a drummer named Josh, a guitarist named Dan, and the lead singer is called Liam Payne. I get goose bumps just be writing the name. He is really handsome. Dark hair, tall, cute smile, and he is so fit you wouldn’t believe it. Or maybe you would, considering I’m talking to a piece of paper.

I want to see them again. I tried to convince my mom to letting me stay the whole day by the stage because they were doing a signing afterwards, but no was the answer. So now I have to figure out where the next concert is. There is one tiny problem though. We’re driving to LA by the end of the week, and I have no clue where they are heading next. I could go check the poster hanging on the lamppost five blocks away. Yeah, I’ll do that, they are…. Liam is definitely worth it.


July 23, 2012

Dear Diary, it’s that girl Sally again.

Omg, omg, omg, omg. “The next two shows will be taking place in Los Angeles – july 27, July 29” That was what the poster said. After regretting pinching myself I went straight to the apartment in DC and bought tickets to both of the concert. It’s amazing how stupid teenage girls can use more money than they have so easy. When my mom found out she wasn’t happy, and I couldn’t blame her. To spend more than 100 $ on concert tickets probably wasn’t the cleverest thing to do. But I know I won’t regret it in the end.

Now I’m just sitting here on the balcony in the very west end of Pennsylvania Avenue (Yes, the same street as the White House) thinking of Liam. Liam Payne. Oh got damn it. I’ve seen way to many James Bond movies. I know he’s saying his last name at first but still.

Now, sorry for changing the subject, but what is love? When you are sitting on the sixth floor on balcony in a different country, that’s something that pops into your mind. I think I might have felt it a couple of times, you know. Like this guy Niall from my class, he is very handsome, the total opposite of Liam though. He has kind of blonde hair, not very tall, blue eyes, and the best thing – he is Irish. That was just a quick crush though, but your first crushes always feels like love because they’re so unexpected and new. I think love is whatever you want it to be. A puppy, the best friend, the family, or even a band. Maybe love is all around, but sometimes just hard to see. Nobody knows, and therefore everyone knows.


July 27, 2012

Dear diary, Sally here.

Sorry I haven’t been writing for a couple of days, I’ve been so busy. My mom has basically the whole trip plan out to the very last second and now that I have two concerts to go to here in LA, we had to see even more in DC. I don’t mind as long as I get to see Liam. Love at first sight isn’t really my thing, and this is completely unreachable, but I can’t do nothing about it.

The first concert is tonight. D.O.L. Wonder what that stands for. Do Only Live? Don’t Overrate Love? I don’t know, but I’m going to find out. Then I have something to ask Liam, like an icebreaker. God I’m actually nervous, and he doesn’t even know that I exist. Sometimes I realize how ridicules I am. I won’t even get to talk to him. There won’t be more than 500 people at the concert because they’re not very big in the US yet, but a girl like me would never be lucky enough to get to talk to him!


July 28, 2012

It can’t be true. He waved at me and smiled and afterwards we had a little chat. He probably did it because he felt sorry for me for being the only one by herself at the concert, but I didn’t mind AT ALL. I still can’t believe it. I told him that I was coming to the next gig too, and he was like “well okay, then you should come backstage and see me” I nearly fainted. I mean me, him, and this? Reality where are you?

I’ve heard about something like this before, but that it should happen to me. Never. The chance of Michael Jackson being alive is way bigger. I told it to my family and they were like “Yeah okay, whatever” I could really use a friend to fangirl with right now! Askjbfvbærihgæqorhg. Okay, slow down Sally, be cool, you can handle it. NO I CAN’T, I FREAKING CAN’T. He wants to talk with me. ME. Oh sorry I forgot…. Dear Diary, It’s that crazy girl Sally, you know.

July 30, 2012

Dear Diary, It’s Sally Higgins.

If I die tomorrow I’ll die as a happy person. I went in, alone, confused, and sweaty. I was standing in the back of the crowd, which was bigger than the last gig. I was too afraid to go backstage, what if he couldn’t remember me? But that was soon to be shown. In the very end of the gig he said with these exact words, “Three days ago I saw this beautiful girl standing in the middle of the crowd all by herself; she had curly dark hair, brown eyes, and a cute smile. After the show we talked for about 2 minutes and then I had to go. I told her to come backstage today, but she didn’t come. I didn’t even get to know her name.” After that I panicked. I couldn’t miss that chance. I went backstage and waited for him to come down. Then I asked what the letters D.O.L stood for. He answered. Destination Of Love.

Maybe some people say that you should focus on the journey not the destination. But screw that. I liked the destination, the destination of love. My grandma was right. The US was the D.O.L! 


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