I have always had a fairly normal life, well normal for me anyway me, mum and my pet cat Geoffery live on Cilgriffid Island off the coast of Wales, have done all my life but one day everything changes for ever.


1. The day

Me and mum are the only inhabbitants of Cilgriffid Island.

It was amazing I woke up when I wanted it to, and would then start on some of the homework I had been posted from the Mainland, meanwhile mum would be out fishing, or possible go to the mainland to get food and clothes it was a perfect life.

Decembr on the Island wasn't great. It was cold and snowy, and we would always have the heating up full blast, but we would manage, like we always have done.

In case your wondering my dad left when I was 5 thats when we moved to Cilgriffid, it was mum's dream to live on an Island only and I was part of that.


It was February 2 weeks after my 15th birthday, mum was gone, and she hadn't left a note like she normally does, but I just assumed she was in a rush or had forgotten, I spent most of the morning in my pj's and did all the work I had been set.It was about midday and mum still wasn't home, but I needed to check twitter so I crept into her room anyway. I logged on and immediatly noticed that something wasn't quite right, mum's stuff was missing from her room, all her clothes were gone. The computer loaded and a message appeared on the screen.

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