AUTHORS I THINK NEED TO BE NOTICED! (Picture from Cover, drawn by me. Very Crap :3)

If you want to find new authors that you haven't read then check out this book. I will tell of people I think need noticed with their stories. If you know of any story writers that don't get checked out, then tell me. I will read their stories, maybe comment and add them to my list of authors thet need noticed. Everyone deserves a chance to shine and get limelight!

Have fun reading :)
Kieva Rising.


5. Soul

Hello my fellow writers.... this week's author is called Soul...


I first heard of her whilest looking at the poetry comp. I read her poem and became a fan. She is talented and has a spot for Poetry. My favourite story of hers is called brother brother. I have the Resume here:


Resumé A young pixie is sent to kill a fairy. What she doesn't know is he is her brother.



Please enjoy and have a splendid evening :)



Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favour :)


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