AUTHORS I THINK NEED TO BE NOTICED! (Picture from Cover, drawn by me. Very Crap :3)

If you want to find new authors that you haven't read then check out this book. I will tell of people I think need noticed with their stories. If you know of any story writers that don't get checked out, then tell me. I will read their stories, maybe comment and add them to my list of authors thet need noticed. Everyone deserves a chance to shine and get limelight!

Have fun reading :)
Kieva Rising.


6. sophiesmiley/rainbow_lollipops

"It's Tuesday, tuesday, 2nd day tuesday, 2nd day of the week week!"


Lol, hey Guys, I have another 2 authors for you ;-;


I'm away next tuesday (shopping for school stuff) so I can't write my author then.


1st author)sophiesmiley, is a talented author. Her story "Another Side To Me" is my favourite :).




Blurb: Ive been banished to the mortal world but have fallen in love and dont know what to do , Mali will have to come face to face with a heart breaking decision.Hope you enjoy but im only 13 and it is my first on here so it'll probz be bad , feedback please! :p




Hope you enjoy her :)




2nd author)Rainbow_lollipops is another great, talented author. I enjoy her work. My favourite is "I hate love!" as it tells the tale of a young girl who hates love. No more details from me, check out the blurb:



Blurb I HATE love! is a short-ish story about a girl called Katy who hates Luke, (will write more about him) kissing and -most of all- love, until she goes on holiday and meets someone. At first she doesn't like him but... you'll have to find out! Hope you enjoy reading;) The first part is a bit weird, you can skip it if you want. Please read my other Movella(s)!



Hope you enjoyed today. Bye :P



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