AUTHORS I THINK NEED TO BE NOTICED! (Picture from Cover, drawn by me. Very Crap :3)

If you want to find new authors that you haven't read then check out this book. I will tell of people I think need noticed with their stories. If you know of any story writers that don't get checked out, then tell me. I will read their stories, maybe comment and add them to my list of authors thet need noticed. Everyone deserves a chance to shine and get limelight!

Have fun reading :)
Kieva Rising.


4. PikachuPerson

Hello guys :), so this chapter was already written but since Park Resorts had no Internet Connection I had to play HP games (no Internet) for a week. Read my blog for more info, but this week PikachuPerson is the next author that really needs to be noticed. She's a personal friend of mine as she is in my class at high school. Her first story, "A little Love Story", makes you feel emotional towards this girl who diobeys this guys rule. Not more said, just read the resume:


Resumé Like any love stories, this story is about one teenage boy and one teenage girl who have been going out for 2 years. They love eachother so much that they felt nothing could ever separate them but maybe something will...



Hope you enjoy this short thing. Next tuesday I will post another author. Sorry for the wait and have a great day.



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