The Story Of Us

Blackbird is doing Uproar Tour 2011.

Being on the road with a bunch of dudes isn't always easy for Blackbird singer Alex and guitarist Denver. Especially not when two certain boys take interest in them.

This is a story of music, dreams, friendship and unexpected romance.

This is the story of us

A/N: We don't own Synyster Gates, Gabriel Garcia, Avenged Sevenfold, Black Tide or any other of the bands in Uproar 2011, that exists in real life. Nor do we own anything of the Rockstar Uproar Tour. We do own the Blackbird, though. That includes the character Alex, Denver, Johannes, Logan, Jonas and Kristina. All pictures are found on or google, and belongs to their respective owners.


2. Episode 2: And So It Begins


”Dude, we’re at the venue. Where the hell are you?” Alex asked, confusion and frustration was evident in her voice.  

All eyes were on Alex, as she listened to whatever Logan was telling her. 


“Seriously? Just get a cab and get here as quickly as possible!”




“Denver can do your sound check, just hurry up. Okay, bye”. Alex shook her head as she clicked “end”.


“Where is he?” Johannes immediately asked.


“He’s at the fucking petrol station, where we stopped at earlier.” Alex said.


Johannes suppressed a chuckle, laid his hand on Alex’ shoulder and said: “Sweetie, it’s gas not petrol”. 


“Sod off” Alex smirked and pushed his hand away.


“What the hell was he doing there? And do I have to do his sound check?” Denver cocked her head to the side and gave her best friend the “really? Fucking really?!” look.


“God knows what! And if he doesn’t get back in time, yeah you have to”. 


Denver sighted and playfully rolled her eyes. Logan was just too much sometimes. 

As if on cue the group heard Kristina’s voice. 


“Hey kiddoes, I’ve got your AAA passes right here” she said.


She gave either of the musicians their laminates, receiving smiles in return, and Denny hooked hers onto her belt loop. 


“Oh, and you’re needed by the Best Buy stage in 45 minutes. Get the last things unloaded, so we’ll be on time. For once” the manager said and winked jokingly at the end. 


“Well, we would have been done by now, if it wasn’t for Logan missing” Jonas said. 


Kristina gave the musicians a strange look. 


“Logan’s missing?” she asked. 


Alex crossed her arms over her chest and nodded. 


“He’s at the patrol station we stopped at on the way here. I told him to hurry the hell up and get a cab” she said. 


“He better. You have sound check soon” Kristina gushed. 


“I’ll do it for him if he doesn’t show up. But he will owe me then” Denver sighted and playfully pointed a finger at the manager. 


“Thanks Denny” Kristina smiled and ruffled Denver’s blonde hair a little, “now you get setting up and I’ll go call that asshat.”


Denver swatted the woman’s hand away, but couldn’t help but smile at the act. 


15 minutes later and Denver let out a sight. She was backstage trying to set up Logan’s pedal board. She could fix her own gear in no time, so she had started with the other guitarist’s. But she just couldn’t figure out how that silly boy had his things.


“Joe, do you know how Logan has his pedal board” Denver asked the lanky bassist. 


She watched him in anticipation as he walked over to her. 


“Nope” he said, right in front of her face. 


“Great, and you just had to get out of your way to tell me that?” she smirked, slapping the back of his head. He smirked back and nodded. 


“Sorry” Johannes said and shrugged his shoulders, before he went back to doing what he was doing before. Denver knew he wasn’t really sorry.  


Her eyes scanned the backstage area in hope of finding either Logan, Kristina or Alex. But none of them seemed to be in here. 

Instead Denver’s gaze landed on another person. A young man with short, black hair, tunnels in his ears (Way bigger than Denny’s own), a nose piercing and lots of tattoos. Judging on the laminate dangling by his pants, and the guy walking beside him with a guitar case in his hand, he was either a roadie or a member of one of the bands. He wasn’t too bad looking. Wonder how old he is. Denver didn’t notice she was staring until the guy looked right back at her. She had to force her gaze away from his. God, there’s no need to make things awkward already.


She turned her attention back to Logan’s damn pedals. But she quickly gave up on them again. Putting his gear to the side, she started setting up her own equipment.  

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