The Story Of Us

Blackbird is doing Uproar Tour 2011.

Being on the road with a bunch of dudes isn't always easy for Blackbird singer Alex and guitarist Denver. Especially not when two certain boys take interest in them.

This is a story of music, dreams, friendship and unexpected romance.

This is the story of us

A/N: We don't own Synyster Gates, Gabriel Garcia, Avenged Sevenfold, Black Tide or any other of the bands in Uproar 2011, that exists in real life. Nor do we own anything of the Rockstar Uproar Tour. We do own the Blackbird, though. That includes the character Alex, Denver, Johannes, Logan, Jonas and Kristina. All pictures are found on or google, and belongs to their respective owners.


1. Episode 1: Pilot


The sound of people yelling at each other and equipment being dragged back and forth filled the air as Denver and Alex arrived to New Jersey. They both groaned and Alex immediately threw her on the hard ground.

“Finally!” She exclaimed as she spread out even more.

“We’re here! I can’t believe I actually made it through.” She mumbled into her arm.

“Took us long enough, the plane ride here was horrific. I can’t believe Logan asked that stewardess out” Denver laughed and took a drink out of her Monster as Three Days Grace bus pulled up next to them.

“Give me a hand, please?” Alex asked from the ground, looking up on Denver. She laughed and leaned down to her best friend to give her a hand.  As soon as Alex got up, she dusted her hands off on her jeans.

She felt her pockets for her cigs and started to get frustrated when she couldn’t find them.

“Be back in a moment” Alex said, running back into the bus and nearly tipping over Johannes on the way.

“Why in such a hurry?” Johannes shouted at Alex.

“Getting my cigs!” She replied and ran further into the bus.  A few minutes after a frantic search of her cancer sticks, she finally found them and got back outside to Denny.

“Have you seen Logan? “ Denny asked Alex as she got outside.  Alex shrugged and took out a cigarette and lit it up. 

“Girls! Have you seen Logan?!” Jonas asked from across the parking lot. Both of the girls shook their heads and continued their conversation.

“You know those are going to kill you right?” Denver asked Alex, staring down the cancer stick in her best friend’s hand. Alex shrugged and blew out the smoke she had been holding.

“I know, been told that since I started. You know it was partly Logan’s fault?” Alex responded, looking at Denny.

“He didn’t force you too it! He was drunk and asked you if you wanted one!” She replied, grinning.  Alex once again shrugged and threw down the cancer stick. Denver sighed and shook her head. Alex grinned in returned and threw herself at her friend.  Denver fell backwards with Alex landing on her. Both of them laughed and while Denver tried to push Alex off her and Alex gave no sign of moving.

“Wohoo! Girl on girl action! Jonas, you need to see this!” Johannes yelled from afar.  Alex flipped Johannes off, got up and gave Denny a hand.

“Aaaaw! Jonas, you missed it! Anyway, have any of you seen Logan? We need help unloading the trailer and since we don’t want the both of you moaning about how much your arms hurt, we need him.” Johannes said.

“No, I thought he was with you?” Denver replied, lifting an eyebrow at Johannes.  Alex sighed and took out her phone to call Logan.  After three attempts and getting the answering machine each time, she gave up.

“No response.” She mumbled while texting Logan.  ‘Where r u bro?’ and she hit ‘send’.  She put her phone back in her pocket and walked towards the trailer, expecting the rest to follow her.

“Where are you going?” Denver asked. Alex turned around and put a hand on her hip.

“Too unload the gear. You coming or not?” She asked and Denver immediately ran towards her with Johannes following.

After an hour of unloading and testing, Alex’s phone went off, she got it out and sighed when she saw the not so beautiful picture of Logan on her screen. She answered the phone and put it to her ear.


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