Cara Williams is a young teenage girl who has lived in a traveler community for her entire life. Despite her way of life, she sees her world as a world of colour and perfection. The only thing she desires is her best friend, Sonny Baker.
When suddenly, out of the blue, Sonny asks Cara to run away to the city with him, Cara jumps at the chance to experience an adventure with the boy who she is in love with. However, soon Cara's world of colour is destroyed and she is thrust into a horrific nightmare. Lost and naive, Cara soon realises that she can't stay young forever, but can growing up really be like this?

5 chapters are posted although I have many more, however, I haven't edited these chapters in about a year and reading through them, I know that the plot is quite rushed at the moment.

Any comments or suggestions would be amazing! Thank you!


4. Chapter 4


As Ryan turned the key in the lock of the door, Cara saw a horrible sight. Pete was no where to be seen but two girls who must have still been in their teens were lying on the sofa, apparently asleep, and in the corner sat Tegs. Cara screamed and pushed passed Ryan at the door. Tegs was slouching up against a wall, his eyes were half closed and he was shaking all over. His right hand was holding a syringe which he had pushed into his left arm. Cara put her hands on his cheeks and lifted his head up, he didn’t open his eyes. “Oh God! What’s wrong with him?” she asked, turning round and looking at Ryan. He was smiling. She hoped that she didn’t already know the answer.

“Its heroin, he’s out of it for now.” He said, turning to face Sonny as he said so. “I’m going down the pub, are you coming or what?” He asked casually.

Sonny nodded and smiled. “I think you owe me a drink!”

“Good” Ryan replied. Then he turned to the girls who had been woken by Cara’s scream.

“Gina, Nikki, take care of this one. She did her first job today and let’s just say as her looks don’t exactly blend in with the rest.” He said sardonically. Then he put his arm around Sonny’s shoulders and led him out of the door, slamming it loudly behind him.


Cara found out later that ‘take care of’ meant ‘change the looks of’. She was sat on a wooden chair while Gina applied fake tan to her pale legs and arms and finally face. Meanwhile Nikki snipped away at her beautiful long hair. She had already taken out the long green and gold braid that Liza had put in, and dyed her hair rich but fake looking deep brown. The boys had been gone for a good few hours and apparently Pete had gone to the pub earlier because there was a band playing.

Cara hated seeing all of her hair fall around her. The floor around Nikki’s feet was covered in hair already. In the few hours since she had met the two girls she had found out a lot about them. Nikki was tall and stick thin with bright eyes and shoulder length black hair, which she was wearing in a side ponytail. She was Pete’s girlfriend and was attending a beauty class at night school. Gina was Nikki’s best friend. She was plump and had long-ish brown hair which was lank and looked a tiny bit greasy Cara thought. Apparently it was Gina’s ambition to win a reality TV show and marry a footballer.

“Fat Chance” was what Nikki had said about this and silently Cara agreed.


Despite the girls’ extremely unnecessarily frequent use of bad language and Nikki’s love of smoking and talking about Pete, Cara had decided that she liked them, and when they finished her hair and Nikki had done her makeup, Cara looked in the mirror and saw a completely new self. She thought that she looked a lot like one of them now. Gina had given Cara some of her clothes (Nikki’s were too small); a denim mini and grey tank top, plus a leather bomber jacket and boots.

“You look cool!” Nikki Exclaimed, smiling and lighting up another cigarette. Cara smiled as well, but it was a half hearted smile. She tried to be positive and look pleased but she knew in her heart that she hated her new look and hated her new hair and hated Ryan and Pete for being so stupid and horrible, and Tegs for being the seemingly normal one then using drugs and making her think he was ill or something, and she especially hated Sonny for taking her away and being so friendly for years before then ignoring her and making her shoplift now that they were away from home and with older boys.

“Thank you so much you two. I really like the tan, and the hair and the clothes. I owe you both.” She lied, trying to sound enthusiastic and grateful and friendly.

“Don’t worry about it Cara. You’re one of us now, it’s cool.” Gina said, giving Cara a hug. Cara warmed at Gina’s hug. ‘I guess I am, but I don’t want to be, I won’t be for much longer…’


Long after Gina and Nikki had left the flat and Ryan, Pete and Sonny had stumbled in and collapsed in a heap on the floor, Cara heard Tegs groan in the corner. She had been lying on the sofa, pretending to be asleep, but she sat up when she heard him behind her.

He looked pale and tired.

“Are…are you OK?” she asked quietly, trying not to wake the others who were now snoring loudly.

Tegs smiled, he looked frail and sad, “Not me, never will be…” Cara noticed tears in his eyes.

 “What’s wrong? Are you ill?” she asked nervously, standing up with a blanket wrapped around her. (She was only wearing a long T-Shirt because she had forgotten to pack night clothes!)

“No, I’m not ill, not really. I… I’m not gonna live long though.” He explained. He too had stood up and walked over to the sofa. Cara sat back down and Tegs joined her. “Why? Because of the H?” She asked in disbelief. Tegs looked amused for a second. His face spread out in a giant smile and Cara saw that he really was quite good looking. Not in the same pretty-boy way as Sonny, but she didn’t care about Sonny. She couldn’t stand him any more.

“Ha…If only. At least then I’d be happy to go…Sorry.” He noticed the look of horror and disgust on Cara’s face.

“I’m walking out, out of the gang, out of this life, into rehab. I want to quit drugs.” Cara put her hand on his arm.

“Good. I don’t want you to die. You’re the only one who hasn’t mocked and slash or ignored me since we got here. I wish I’d never come though.” She said, squeezing his arm. He smiled more, his teeth were yellow and one was missing but he had a nice smile otherwise.

“Yes, I wished I’d never come. It’s too late now…For me anyway. I’m part of the gang now; I know the suppliers and I know the users (Well, most of them anyway). If I walk out now they’ll kill me! (Yeah I know it’s pretty rough round here.) You still have a chance though. Listen, you have to leave. As soon as possible. Tonight if you can! Or you’ll end up like Nikki or Ryan or…or me!” Cara nodded. He was right. She wasn’t happy here, she hadn’t been happy since she’d left the carnival. She looked into his face, and he stopped smiling.

“I wish I’d met you before. I’d have liked to…I’m not looking my best anymore.” Cara smiled and leaned in closer,

“You’re better than Sonny…” she whispered, and then all of a sudden, Tegs put his hand on her cheek and kissed her. It was a quick kiss and when he pulled away he wasn’t smiling any more.

“Go! Please. Or I’ll feel responsible when you turn. I think that I’d have loved you if I hadn’t met you like this.” He whispered. Cara smiled back and stood up, grabbing her bag and pulled out a pair of jeans. Tegs realized that she was going to change and got up to leave.

“Stay.” Cara said, unsmiling. “I’m not gonna change completely.” She pulled on her jean then put her feet into her faux suede boots and did up the laces tightly. Tegs handed her the leather bomber that she’d been given and she slipped it on and did it up completely. When she was dressed, she put her bag on her back and walked over to the front door. “Don’t tell them where I’m going Tegs, will you?” She begged. He gave her a large hug and sighed deeply.

“Just promise me that you’ll go home. You’re secrets’ safe with me!” then he opened the door so that it didn’t make any noise at all. (‘I bet he’s done that before!’ Cara thought) and let her through.

“Good luck Cara!” He said. She smiled and watched as he quietly closed the door, leaving her out in the cold summer air. ‘I’ll get a train to Leamington. They can’t have left while we’re still missing. They can’t have.’ And then she began to half walk half jog. If only she could remember where the train station was!


When she arrived at the train station and asked for a single way child’s ticket to Leamington, Cara had to pinch herself to check that it wasn’t a dream. The large round clock on the station wall read 4 o’clock in the morning but her ticket said the train came at 9:15. ‘I’ve got a lot of time to kill!’ She told herself, putting the small orange train ticket into her purse and wandering out of the station and onto a quiet street with a few small shops lining each side of the road. ‘I may as well get some sleep.’ She said to herself, curling up in a shop entrance with a porch and pulling her coat up around her neck and face to keep the cold off her. Suddenly, she became very sleepy and before she knew it, she was drifting off into a peaceful sleep.


“Oy, you! Wake up and hand over your money!” a harsh voice said, rousing Cara from her sleep. She felt herself being dragged to her feet and suddenly someone was going through her pockets, pulling everything and dumping tissues, receipts and sweet wrappers on the floor.

“Hey...” she shouted, trying to clear her bleary eyes and look at her attacker. She saw a tall man right in front of her. He had dark eyes and wore a scarf over his mouth and nose and he had an accent that Cara recognized but could not place. Behind him were three or four other figures, but Cara couldn’t tell whether they were men or women, what they were wearing or anything else that was distinguishing about them. Hastily, the man found her purse in her front right trouser pocket and pulled in out.

“I’ll take that, and you can stay where you are…” the man said, grabbing her by the arm and pushing her on to her knees.

“…Stubbs, Cleaverton, take care of this one.” The man said, and then, before she knew what was going on, Cara saw someone raise a large thick piece of metal above their head, and bring it crashing down. She felt a sharp pain just above her left eye as the weighty metal club connected heavily with her forehead, and then everything swam dizzyingly around her and then finally went black.

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