Cara Williams is a young teenage girl who has lived in a traveler community for her entire life. Despite her way of life, she sees her world as a world of colour and perfection. The only thing she desires is her best friend, Sonny Baker.
When suddenly, out of the blue, Sonny asks Cara to run away to the city with him, Cara jumps at the chance to experience an adventure with the boy who she is in love with. However, soon Cara's world of colour is destroyed and she is thrust into a horrific nightmare. Lost and naive, Cara soon realises that she can't stay young forever, but can growing up really be like this?

5 chapters are posted although I have many more, however, I haven't edited these chapters in about a year and reading through them, I know that the plot is quite rushed at the moment.

Any comments or suggestions would be amazing! Thank you!


3. Chapter 3


Knock, knock, knock…

The balcony leading to the flat was dirty and filled with cans of beer and empty cigarette packets.

Knock, knock, knock…

It smelled of smoke and pee and vomit and rotting fish.

Knock, knock, knock…

The walls were covered in graffiti and a broken window was covered by a large sheet of plywood.

Knock, knock…“What d’ya want?”

The door had been opened by a tall bald pale man wearing only a vest and boxers. Sonny looked at Cara and smiled.

“Ryan it’s me, Sonny Baker. This is Cara.”

Ryan looked from Sonny to Cara. “Pretty little girlfriend you’ve got there Baker. How old is she? Ten?” He laughed a slightly insane laugh; Cara noticed a set of yellowing chipped teeth as he did.

She was insulted. She knew that her freckles made her look younger, but ten! And Sonny hadn’t stood up for her, he’d broken his promise already, he was laughing along with Ryan. She wasn’t even his girlfriend anyway.

“C’mon Baker, Tegs and Pete are though here, D’ya want a beer?” Ryan walked off into the flat, and Sonny followed quickly, gripping Cara’s hand tightly and making a sound that meant ‘yes’.


The flats living room was not a homely place, to say the least. Cara noticed that the carpet was threadbare and stained, the walls were damp and covered in more graffiti and the sofa on which she and Sonny would be sleeping was a two-seater covered in newspaper chip wrappers and beer cans. The whole room stunk of alcohol and smoke. In the corner, in front of a TV sat two other boys. They were playing a sort of shooting game on a games consol.

“Oy Pete, Tegs, Get up and say hi to Baker and his little girlfriend Cara.” Ryan shouted rather rowdily and slowly the two boys got up and looked round.

“Pete and Tegs; my cousins.” Ryan explained while pointing at them. Pete was equally tall and bald but he had a large tattoo up his arm that went round his neck and even on to his head. From the way it seemed to disappear under his baggy football T-shirt, Cara supposed that it continued onto his chest as well. He had large blurry brown eyes but they were bloodshot. He was holding a can in his hand. Cara thought that he looked half asleep and very ill!

Tegs, on the other hand, was shorter and had short brown hair. He wore glasses and like Cara, he had many freckles. His face looked slightly gaunt and his eyes were slightly bagged but aside from that, Cara thought that he was rather attractive compared to the other two. But then she looked at his arms (He, unlike the others was wearing no T-Shirt at all.) and she saw that they were covered in penny sized purple bruises and the vanes on his arms were showing all around the bruises. She averted her eyes. ‘What disease did that to him, its not chicken pox surely?’

The two boys muttered some sort of greeting and then sat back down and turned back to their game.

“I’ll go get that drink for you Baker, how about you Girly?” Ryan asked. “Water please.” Cara said politely. He stared for a few seconds and then disappeared into what Cara thought must be the kitchen, laughing at her again.


When he had gone, she pulled at Sonny’s arm. He looked down at her with a look of mild irritation on his face. ‘What?’ his eyes asked.

“Sonny what are you thinking? You don’t drink and this place is a mess!” she whispered to him. He sighed and grabbed her shoulders tightly.

“Look, do you want to stay here or not? They’ll think we’re weird if we don’t… It’s this or the streets!”  His eyes looked angry but also pleading. Just then Ryan came back from the kitchen. He handed Sonny a can and shoved a water bottle into her hands, then sat down on the sofa and opened his own can. Cara shuddered and followed sonny to the sofa where he too sat down and pulled her onto his lap. It felt weird to be this close to him all of a sudden. ‘Am I going out with him all of a sudden?’ she thought.


In the dark, the flat looked even more imposing that in the day. The others had all gone to sleep hours ago. They hadn’t gone to be but after hours of drinking they eventually collapsed onto the floor and were now all snoring loudly. Even Sonny. The TV was still on and the screen was buzzing loudly and showing black and white fuzzy lights. Cara had curled up on the sofa and covered herself with her coat. The window had no curtains and outside the balcony light was still on. The light cast shadows on everything and Cara was remembering her warm bed in the caravan while staring at the shadow of a CD player and imagining that it was the caravan. She was humming to herself and not caring that her eyes were filling with tears. ‘Tomorrow I’m going home tomorrow, with or without Sonny I’m going!’ she said under her breath, ‘Mother and Liza will be so worried, not to mention Angelique!’


“Cara, wake up stupid, its 11 o’clock!”

Sonny was shaking her violently and as she opened her bleary eyes she heard someone laughing mockingly. She was starting to really hate Ryan.

“Cara we’re going into town. Ryan has a job for us.” Sonny said as she slipped off the sofa and pulled a hair brush out of her bag. It had a mirror on the back and it was decorated with little colourful mosaic pieces. Her mother had made for her last birthday. She pulled her beanie off her head and let her long hair fall down around her waist. It was matted at the back and her long sweeping fringe had gone to the wrong side. Sonny sighed impatiently as she sat down and began brushing it through slowly.

“What about breakfast? I’m starved!” she asked quietly to nobody in particular. “You can get it in town!” Tegs said, not unkindly. He was smiling. Cara smiled back, but the smile became a grimace as she pulled at a giant lug in her hair. Suddenly she felt someone messing with her hair. Sonny was piling it all into a hat and huffing as he did so.

“C’mon, the shops close at five…” he said angrily.  Cara looked at him, and then remembered how two days ago he had been so friendly and smiley. Now he was bossing her around and treating her like his girlfriend even though she wasn’t.

‘I don’t want to be either.’ She thought looking at his grudgingly. ‘Why is he being so false and mean?’

She felt herself being pulled to her feet and suddenly Sonny was at the door with Ryan. He was holding a piece of paper in his hand.

“Finally!” Ryan said, undoing the lock on the door and stomping out. Sonny followed, beckoning her angrily. She followed him unhappily, looking back into the room where Tegs was staring after her holding a small case in his hands. He smiled slightly and walked into the corner with the TV and sat down. Then Ryan closed the door.


In the shopping centre, Cara sat down on a bench and looked at the list, reading aloud she said “Bread, bacon, loo roll, a chocolate bar, pack of cigarettes and a six pack of beer…”

“Any type, preferably the good stuff!” Ryan said heartily, laughing manically as usual. Sonny joined in with him, looking at Cara as he did so.

“And how are we going to pay for all of this? I’m not using my money! I don’t drink or smoke and I’m a vegetarian and we’re too young to buy alcohol or cigarettes anyway. If you want it why don’t you come in with us and buy it yourself?” Cara asked Ryan crossly. He stopped laughing but continued smiling.

“That’s one of the jobs you’re gonna do for us. We ain’t paying for it and nor are you. You’re gonna half inch it!” he explained. Cara stared first at Ryan then Sonny in disbelief “I’m not stealing anything!” She shouted suddenly, rage boiling inside her.

“I’m going home. I’ll go back to the flat first to get my purse and then I’m going back to the carnival, hopefully they haven’t moved on yet!” She made a move to storm off but Ryan caught the sleeve of her coat and turned her around. He wasn’t smiling anymore. “You try that and I’ll call Pete and tell him not to let you in. You’re gonna go into the shop, there aren’t any alarms on this one but there are cameras. You wait till the oldie at the counter isn’t looking, then you grab the stuff and peg it. Or else. D’ya understand that Girly?” he growled. Cara nodded, trying not to gag at the sour smell of his breath. He let go of her sleeve and she turned to Sonny. He nodded slowly and took her hand again.

“It’ll be Ok Cara, I’ll get the stuff, and you can just distract the shop keeper.” He whispered as they walked off. It was meant to be comforting but Cara’s heart beat did not slow as they walked in through the shop door.


Inside, as Ryan had said, an elderly lady in a red and white striped apron was standing at the counter. Sonny let go of Cara’s hand and went to the fridges at the back of the shop. Lazily, Cara began to search through the magazines that were in a rack next to the till. She found a teenage gossip magazine with a free packet of sweets attached to the front. Then an Idea came to her; she went up to the counter and cleared her throat.

“Excuse me; I don’t suppose you have another copy of this magazine with a different packet of sweets on the front, do you? Only I’m allergic to strawberries and the free sweets are strawberry flavor.” Cara asked in as casual voice as she could muster.

As she had hoped, the old woman smiled and said “I don’t know love, I’ll just have a look for you, won’t be a tick.” And then hobbled off through a door and closed it behind her. As soon as the woman had gone, with her heart beating so fast that she could have sworn it was humming, Cara grabbed a packet of cigarettes from behind the till, and then she heard Sonny behind her opening the shop door. Quickly and quietly she followed him out and saw Ryan waiting across the mall. He waved and then ran of down the stairs. Only when she and Sonny were about to run too did Cara realize that she was still holding the magazine. Then she burst into tears.

“Hush up Anna. Everyone’s looking at you.” Sonny whispered, and then he dragged her off to follow Ryan.

“Don’t make me do it again Sonny please!” Cara sniffed as they ran. Sonny didn’t reply but he looked guiltily at her and ran a little faster. 

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