Cara Williams is a young teenage girl who has lived in a traveler community for her entire life. Despite her way of life, she sees her world as a world of colour and perfection. The only thing she desires is her best friend, Sonny Baker.
When suddenly, out of the blue, Sonny asks Cara to run away to the city with him, Cara jumps at the chance to experience an adventure with the boy who she is in love with. However, soon Cara's world of colour is destroyed and she is thrust into a horrific nightmare. Lost and naive, Cara soon realises that she can't stay young forever, but can growing up really be like this?

5 chapters are posted although I have many more, however, I haven't edited these chapters in about a year and reading through them, I know that the plot is quite rushed at the moment.

Any comments or suggestions would be amazing! Thank you!


2. Chapter 2


Cara was packing her bag with all of the things she would need if she was going to run away, a hair brush, spare clothes, her pocket money, some jewelry and food. She still couldn’t believe what she was doing. She was running away with her best friend, to find a place where they would be appreciated as people, not attractions. It was dawn, the sky was a purple colour but no one was awake yet. Cara silently slipped on her shoes, slung the rucksack onto he back and headed for the door. ‘The door to a new life.’ She thought sadly. She had written a note to her mother explaining what she was doing and why. The note lay on the dining table, looking ghostly pale in the bluish light of the early morning.

Cara had agreed to meet Sonny in the campfire circle at five o’clock. Cara looked at her watch; it read a quarter to five. Hastily, she pulled on her jacket, then clicked open the latch to the door, and walked out.


Sonny was sitting in the middle of the campfire ring, running his fingers through the ashes that remained from the last fire that was lit there. He stood up and smiled as Cara approached.

“You’re here” he whispered with a smile.

“Of course, you didn’t think I’d let you run off by yourself did you?’ she replied, pulling her coat around her to keep out the cold. It was the middle of summer but the still air was icy. Sonny beckoned for her to follow him and then set off somberly down the path into the village. Cara felt tears pricking at her eyes.

‘Don’t be ridiculous!’ a part of her said, and she made her legs follow him.

Another part of her told her not to go, ‘You don’t have anywhere to go, and you’re only going because you want to impress Sonny.’ Cara knew it was true but she sped up and took one last look back at the camp before they rounded a corner. The tents, caravans and horses were silhouetted perfectly against the morning sky. ‘Take a long look Cara’ she said to herself, ‘you won’t be back.’


The town centre was already alive. Cars sped down the wiggly lanes and on to the high street, a boy on a bike was delivering news papers and some important looking people were walking briskly in every direction. Cara and Sonny were waiting for a bus that went to the nearest train station. At the bus stop two men in long coats and a harsh looking old woman were waiting in silence. Cara noticed them all staring at her. The old woman even had a look of mild disgust on her face. She was about to tell Sonny when he dug his elbow into her arm and pointed. The bus was coming. It pulled up at the stop and everyone piled on, the men handed over some change and the woman showed a bus pass. Sonny and Cara (who had never used buses before) handed over a five pound note each. “Where are you going to? Are you traveling together?” The driver asked irritably and Cara looked nervously at Sonny. She knew that they were traveling together but for the first time, she realized that she had no idea where.

“Leamington train station and yes we are traveling together.” Sonny said quickly.

The man handed him back one of the five pound notes and said, “Two pound fifty per passenger, go and sit down.” And they did as they were told.


Sitting on the back seats of the bus, it finally struck Cara that what she was acting completely stupid. She was disappearing without even saying goodbye to her mother and she didn’t even want to run away. She had blindly followed Sonny and he hadn’t even had to persuade her, she had jumped in with him head first.

 “Where are we going exactly, Sonny?” she asked. Her lip was trembling at the thought of her mother waking up and finding her gone and a brief hazy note left in her place.

Sonny looked down at her and smiled nervously.

“We’re going to Bournemouth, I know a couple of friends down there. You know when we went down to London for that…” He kept talking but Cara stopped listening. Bournemouth! She thought that they would go to a neighboring town and suddenly Sonny would change his mind about running away and they would go back before they were too badly missed. But he had it all planed out. ‘At least we’ll have a place to stay.’ She thought, looking out of the window and trying to keep the tears from her eyes.


“One large bag of chips and a can of coke please.” Sonny said to the middle aged redhead lady in the chip shop. Cara watched her roll the chips up in paper and tried to keep her head down. Sonny had said in the train station when they bought two tickets to Bournemouth that they should keep a low profile so when the police started looking for them they would have less chance of being caught. Police? Cara had been shocked at the time. But now, with her long red hair stuffed into a beanie hat and a flowery scarf wrapped around her face, she had finally realized that regardless of whether she wanted to or not, she was running away to Bournemouth with her best friend forever to protect her. It didn’t sound as bad when she said it like that.

“C’mon, let’s go sit in the park, Anna.” Sonny said, holding the chips under his arm and the coke in one hand, and holding out his other hand to her. He was using the fake name that he had given her. ‘That…’ she thought, ‘was going a step too far’

“Ok Mark” She replied with a slightly forced smile, then she took his hand and they walked out of the chip shop. They were heading towards the train station.

‘Goodbye Leamington, Goodbye mother’ she thought.


The train rattled along the tracks so fast that it made Cara sick to look out of the window. She was curled up with her head on Sonny’s shoulder, trying to pretend that she was dreaming. Trying to fall asleep and wake up back in the caravan and hear her mother snoring lightly in the bed opposite her. Sonny had told her a little bit more about whom they were staying with in Bournemouth.

Tegs, Ryan and Pete, three boys aged eighteen. They lived in a flat just outside the town centre. She and Sonny were going to sleep on their sofa.

“They’re cool.” Sonny had said. “All we have to do for them in return is a couple of jobs.”

To Cara, that didn’t sound good at all. Especially as Sonny didn’t know exactly what the jobs were.

“Don’t worry, I’ll look after you, and if anyone takes the Mickey out of you because of how you look or where we lived before, I’ll stand up for you, for both of us. I promise.” He had said. But Sonny wasn’t a comfort if he was going to ever stand up to three eighteen year old boys. 

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