A Prince, A King, A Legend

A dramatic monologue.


1. A Prince, A King, A Legend


My name will be on the lips of every great author who ever lives,

I am fiction before it is written,

I am worn out words on the faded pages of dusty history books,

I am a portrait hanging in a gallery – ‘artist unknown’

But the subject is easily recognized.

I am famous, nay, I am infamous.

I am your prince today but your king tomorrow

And oh, look to the future…in a decade or so I will be a legend.

I am immortal.

Would you bow to me? Drink to me? Ride into battle in my name?

Historians in years to come will love me as you never can.

I will be in their every thought, a mystery.

So paint me well and take down my orders, scribe.

Your words will paint my profile, for a hundred thousand eyes to admire. 

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