Brighton Rocks

It's summer time and seventeen year old Darcy is headed to Brighton with her two best friends, Cher and Perrie. The're hoping for a glitzy, retro style holiday but for Darcy, falling in love was never part of the plan. Especially not for Harley Sylvester, one half of rizzle kicks...


3. Second Meeting

"I never asked you to come!" Cher snapped.

"Yeah you did! But do you know what? I wish i'd never come! In fact I wish i'd never picked up the phone. This was supposed to be MY SUMMER and I should have cut you out of my plans completely Cher, I knew something like this would've happened because it always does with you!" I yell.

I storm out of the hotel room and look around the hall hopelessly. This is our third argument in the past two days. This one was about me using her hair-dryer. It's pathetic.

I walk around the streets of Brighton for a bit without a clue where i'm going. I decide on a small artsy looking cafe near the pier. As soon as I walk in, I notice someone familier standing in the que.

It's a boy of about 19 or 20 with short black hair kept under a YMCMB snap-back. He's wearing a grey "Obey" jumper and tight black jeans. On his feet he's wearing red high-top converses. I look down at my feet and notice I'm wearing my ruby red high-tops.

The boy catches my eye and I instatly recognise him. It's that boy from rizzle kicks. Not the rapping one. The one who sings. His face shows signs of recognisation for me too but I can't imagine why. His deep brown eyes stare into mine and he smiles cheekily.

"So you haven't fallen off any trains recently?" He asks.

"OH MY GOD! I fell into you?" I laugh.

"Yeah! I thought I was at least gonna get your number but your mate dragged you away..." He trails off when he sees my grimace, "What's wrong?" He says. He looks genuinely concerned.

"I doubt she'll let me call her 'my mate' anymore. We had a massive argument and I guess she hates me now." I sigh.

"Don't worry. She's got an ugly personality. She's jelous cos your really sweet and really beautiful." He smiles sweetly. I blush. No-ones ever called me beautiful before.





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