Brighton Rocks

It's summer time and seventeen year old Darcy is headed to Brighton with her two best friends, Cher and Perrie. The're hoping for a glitzy, retro style holiday but for Darcy, falling in love was never part of the plan. Especially not for Harley Sylvester, one half of rizzle kicks...


4. Kiss

"So...what's your name?" I ask.

I've now invited my admirer to sit with me.

"Really? You don't know?" He says, raising his eyebrows.

"Well I've heard of Rizzle Kicks but um..." I mumble, embarresed that I only know their most famous song.

"...You're not a fan? Haha, don't worry. I'd prefer it that way. You're not gonna scream in my face are you? Anyway, I'm Harley. Or Sylvester. But I prefer Harley. And you?" He smiles.

"I'm Darcy. You call me er...Darcy." I say.

"Ok. Hi er...Darcy. Where are you from then?" He asks politely.

"I'm from London. I came here with Cher-obviously- and Perrie. I guess I'll be catching the train back on my own today though." I sigh.

"What? NAH! Don't go! You can stay with me and Jordan. Not like, in the same room or anything. But we've got a pretty big house. You could have a whole floor to yourself if you wanted."

I smile shyly. This is so sweet.

"Okay. But my bags are back at my hotel. I'll go get them." I say.

Harley raises his eyebrow.

"This 'Cher' sounds like a right cow. I don't want you to get into beef with her. I'll come with you." He says.

I'm about to object but then he kisses me.

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