Brighton Rocks

It's summer time and seventeen year old Darcy is headed to Brighton with her two best friends, Cher and Perrie. The're hoping for a glitzy, retro style holiday but for Darcy, falling in love was never part of the plan. Especially not for Harley Sylvester, one half of rizzle kicks...


2. Harley And Me


"What?? No!" I grumbled.

"Well why fall asleep? That was stupid of you! Anyway, we're here." she snapped.

I looked around the train and noticed that everyone had got off already. Perrie took her floral suitcase and strutted off the train in her designer sunglasses like she was Victoria Beckham or whatever. Cher followed. She definately DIDN'T strut. she swaggered off, slamming the heels of her bright pink doc martins on the ground as she went. I struggled to catch up with my case.

I stumbled down the steps and fell. I felt someones arms catch me and I guessed it was Cher. But these arms were strong. It was a guy, a very cute guy.

"Uh, hi. I'm Harley. Are you ok?" He smiled.

Before I could reply, Cher was grabbing my arm and dragging me away.

"She's fine. bye." She hissed.

I turned around desperately trying to catch another glimpse of him. I saw him looking confused.


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